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The first "build the community" workshops

posted Oct 25, 2017, 5:55 AM by Birgit May   [ updated Dec 5, 2017, 4:26 AM ]
The main target group of the AduLeT-project are lecturers at the participating institutions, but also lecturers at other higher education institutions, who will both be part of and gain from the Community of Practice (CoP). Therefore the AduLet-project involves lecturers of the partner institutions from the very beginning of the project.

During the summer of 2017 more than 80 lecturers participated in the first “build the community" workshops that were held at all six universities of the project. The lecturers had either already some experiences in using technologies in their teaching or they have none experiences, but are interested in using technologies in their teaching.

During the workshops the project AduLeT was introduced and presented. After that the template for the teaching methods and the template for the TEL tools were introduced and more importantly the lecturers had the possibility to give a feedback concerning the structure and usability. In this way they were able to contribute to the revision of the templates for describing teaching methods and TEL tools. In a brainstorming session specific teaching methods and TEL tools were collected. As a result 39 teaching methods were described and suggested for the collection of teaching methods 1.0 and 34 TEL tools for the collection of TEL tools 1.0. Finally, the community of practice (CoP) was discussed and the lecturers could give a feedback for the implementation of this community, since they are the main target group for the CoP.
The workshop were very fruitful and productive for all partners. The results were send to the leaders of intellectual output 1 and intellectual output 2 and are in the reviewing process at the moment. Furthermore the involved lecturers’ feedback shows that the workshop helped them to enrich their knowledge about TEL tools and their usage in higher education teaching. This was indicated by the results of a questionnaire that the workshop participants filled out after the workshop.