Little House on the Prairie Dairy!

Fall Decor, Coasters, Wedding Pics

Christmas 2008 



Welcome to our Farm and House on the Prairie. I live on a dairy farm with my Dh. You'll see pics of our house, our yard, the farm etc. You'll also see my inlaws house/garden..because we live on the same farm with them...our yards adjoin. Yes, I live next door to my MIL. Yes, I did so willingly. :) But she's a great lady!


Front view of our house minus the garage.




Landscaping coming into the yard. Rock was found in our pasture. 

That's my inlaw's apple orchard. It's so beautiful and I have a clear view from my kitchen of it! 



My Flower Garden in progess. It's gladiolas, lilies, hollyhocks and it'll be late summer before it's beautiful.

Back of my inlaws house and her beautiful peonies.

My MILs huge garden. It's so pretty. Our backyard where I'm dreaming of our someday deck. Excuse the Klassy plastic furniture. I'm not getting good stuff until it's in a permanent place... ie, we have a deck, porch or something.



Main entry way into the house from garage. DH built me that stainless steel railing out of old milk pipeline. Recycling and nostalgia at it's best. The railing continues on the other side as well...down the stairs into the basement.



Our home/farm office. This is Dh's room, so we did it farm style for him.

World's most comfortable couch. With world's most hideous '80s stripes under it. I bought it used for my first post college apartment. It's old school Broyhill and still is as comfy as brand slipcover it is.






DIY bulletin board. IT's an old window frame from the barn on where I grew up. Ignore all the stuff of life in the office. It's cluttered but it keeps it out of the rest of my house.

Livingroom. The antique hutch was my great grandmothers. I know most people aren't wood trim fans...but I love ours. Ignore open closet door...or just say I'm showing off my great big closet for storing cleaning supplies. :)




      Living Room Before Curtains over blinds..Nice but not cozy.

Living Room After with new curtains and ottomans for the middle. I know it should be the longer rectangle kinds for that space..I'm still searching. In the meantime these work and I like how I can move them around. I love how the curtains hide my very necessary blinds!


Cedar Chest/end table. It was a college grad gift from my grandmother. There's a calla lily planted in the sprinkling's just not up yet.


Above. My Pier 1 end table I bought at a garge sale for $5.00. Also my new Pier 1 table runner that I bought for a buck! Do you like my Klassy Case IH coasters? Lol. I do live on a farm afterall! This end table needs a picture of us yet and we should be good!


Picture in livingroom. First Women able to vote at an Iowa political convention. Bought it for a $1.00 at an auction. Don't know a soul in it...but I'm a history girl so I think it's cool!

Bonnie Mohr Cow print picture. Wedding gift from my brother and sister. I'm not really into cow/country decor..but this picture is beautiful! It's not crooked in real life I swear!

Eating Area in kitchen. Farmhouse style pub table. It's probably a trend...but I love it!  

Kitchen Centerpiece.'s a little weird...but I'm feeling too cheap these days to buy new table I use what I have! 





                        My huge kitchen which I love and adore. 

Master Bedroom...a little strange for some..but I love bold, bright color and the social studies themes behind it.

Updated shelf decor. Finally got rid of that scrapbook paper in frames and personalized with good pics of us. The letter in the frame is the one DH wrote and I read right before I's called "Top 10 Reasons We Should Be Together Forever." Cute, funny and sarcastic all at the same time. Love it.



This chair was in my Dad's nursery when he was a baby. I'll put it in our nursery someday and get something bigger here...but for now it works.

Dresser Set. It's kind of outdated...but it was Dh's growing up. It's also solid wood/great quality and and given to us by my I don't dare paint over it. I don't mind it works with the room. The cow pic isn't so much my style..but dh loves it and the only thing he requested to have it stays. That's a AKMGN sign on your right! :)

Master bathroom. once again..bold and creative...just like me. I'm not really into the whole "spa, peaceful thing." I like happy and surrounded by things I love and inspire my imagination.


Guest Room. The Lake Darling sign is where we honeymooned. Ignore the bears. My neices/nephews love to play them so I just leave them out.  

Antique dresser. My Aunt dropped it off at my house, she didn't want it..told me to keep the mirror and pitch the rest. The top is really warped so I just sticky floor tiled over it.

DIY wall art.

 Laundry Room/Main bath. I know some people think it's weird to have a laundry room and bathroom together. However, here on the farm, it keeps the dirt out of the rest of my house. It's also right by the garage entrance door. Trust me, the muck I go through every day you wouldn't want to drag across the house.  


DIY laundry care signs. Google images. Print on pretty paper. Frame. :)

Antique dye packets and laundry ads in shadow box. Got it free in a box of junk at an auction.  

My DIY soap Sign. It says. "Featuring All the Latest dirt." It's in the corner of a it's really hard to get a decent picture..

Must Love Me Some Gordman's Art! This is DHs bath I figured he wouldn't appreciate the matching "hers"


Another main bath shot. Yes, that's green paint. Yes, it's bright but it's my favorite color ever!

Our DIY basement storage/dressing area for barn/chore/outside gear. The floor tile is peel and stick but it does the job for right now. We hope to finish our basement off in the next year, but for right now, this works great.

Our DIY basement storage/dressing area for barn/chore/outside gear. The floor tile is peel and stick but it does the job for right now. We hope to finish our basement off in the next year, but for right now, this works great.

 DH and I at a wedding!


 DH and I at a wedding!