APPLIED DATA SYSTEMS INC. (ADS) is an experienced metro fiber optic network service provider in the Washington DC metropolitan area and its surrounding states including Maryland, Virginia and West Viriginia.

As a leading provider of fiber-optic communications in the Washington DC metropolitan area, our mission is to provide our customers with state of the art, cost-effective network solutions using dark fiber networks with the ability to accommodate limitless application at virtually unlimited bandwidths.

We specialize in serving federal and local government. Here are just a few examples of services we provide.

  • Connect campus locations via dark fiber for LAN to LAN and WAN to WAN application sharing
  • Use dark fiber to provide the most secure connectivity for sensitive information such as medical data
  • Provide real time back-ups for offsite datacenters
  • Connect remote locations to corporate LANS allowing for application sharing with virtually no latency
  • Provide third party network procurement