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Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger V2

cactus wireless flash trigger v2
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VAT 69
VAT 69
Strobist info: - Main light: Canon Speedlite 420EX. Full power, but I used tissue paper to bring it down a bit. Shot to a half-closed silver umbrella. Directy above the subject. Triggered with a Cactus V2s radio trigger. - Background light: Sigma EF-530 DG Super. 1/128 power and @ 24mm. Yellow gel. The flash is directly behind the subject lighting the wall. Optical slave. - The wall has unfortunately some texture and I should have wiped the table, but I guess I'm satisfied with it..
Lightning Setup
Lightning Setup
This was the space in my livingroom that was turned into a small part-time lightning setup. There's two Sigma EF-530 DG Super's here, the other on the tripod aimed at the wall to burn it white and the other in this case is on the small stool on the table, aimed at the white roof to smoothly reflect it. To trigger the flashes we used Cactus Wireless Flash triggers and receivers, altough the other flash (in this case the one facing the wall) was in fact set as an optical slave.

cactus wireless flash trigger v2
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