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June 24, 2003

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Taking Over the Internet for Immortality Intentions

allie taken dakota fanning
Dakota Fanning Allie ^TAKEN^ physical immortality  17NV
Dakota Fanning Allie ^TAKEN^ physical  immortality  17NV
physical immortality
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physical immortality 17nv
Well, FBI, if you didn't intercept this, then you need to improve your spy software. And if you did, then make please contact at hardrivec@yahoo.com Time is precious. And so are the 284,000 children brought into the world TODAY to be killed by sleeping adults OF ALL cultures, HELLO! AFB assassinate ATF AZROC Abu Nidal Abu Sayyaf Addis Ababa Afghanistan Amer El-Maati BATF Baghdad Beale Beijing Belfast CIA Carnivore Centex Cheyenne Mountain China Lake Clipper crack C-4 C-5 DEA DIA Egypt Eritrea Ethiopia FBI Fermilab Ft. Meade Hillary Rodham Clinton Habis Abdulla Al-Saoub Hack Hacker (sucks!) Hormuz Hydrogen bomb ICBM IRA Iran Iraq Israel Jihad Kirtland Langley Laotian Libya Livermore Londonderry Los Alamos M-1 Abrahms MI5 MI6 MIRV Mohammed Sher Mohammad Khan Moscow Rules NBC NSA nsa Nuclear weapons Offutt Oman Opium Osama bin Laden Pakistan Panama Pentagon Peyote Plutonium president SDI SUBROC Sandia Schutzstaffel Sidra Symtex Taliban Tehran Thorium Tigre Tunis Vandenburg Waco Zirconium biological bomb cavitation drive classified cocaine confidential depleted uranium deuterium drugs extortion fallout fissile fuel-air weapons fusile fussion bomb guerrilla heroin heroin intelligence interrogate kill mercenary missile morphine murder neutron neutron nuclear oil plastique reconnaissance retaliate sanction scopolamine secret spy terrorist toad venom torpedo torture tritium uranium Laura George Bush whitehouse covert plot secret cia fbi nsa anthrax thallium Virus worm denial of service attack Well, so you are watching, good for you! And you could be much more useful to the evolution of survival aptitude if you knew why evolving dna created you. Try http://psychic.police.tripod.com or http://www.istopdeath.com/mysites.html or google search as "Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet". And if you don't make contact with me I will logically assume that you don't care that you and all children were created to die by sleeping parents and that that's okay with you. Secondarily, your salary is derived by extortionary means. How can you help humanity as an accomplice to extortion? Do your parent know that they created you to kill you? (All dna is destructively tested). Do you have the testicles to tell them to fix that deadly intent? Terrorism is you! Please deal with it now, thanks! Rbt. Coming awake can be a real rush! cia.txt The psychological spectrum of the human race is nested in a context of involuntary manifestation into the destructive testing of all earth type dna. Given that this is a violent, involuntary and terminal context for life and that education has yet to massively make this clear to all students, then much of your resources are spent for and necessitated by the failure of all cultures to maturely deal with this core issue. Assuming that you wish to work toward efficiency in the provision of the general safety and well being of Americans in particular and the World in general, then you would need to install a plan of resolution. I am available to you in consultations in this matter with approximately thirty years of experience. I am of 9/20/41 vintage. Respectfully, Robert Ray Hedges Please note that your response, or lack of one, is becoming a file which is being presented to the children of earth, using the internet, as part of the Children's Immortalisation Network. This Network is the socialisation strategies division of Mortality Resolution International. I very much look forward to working with you! https://comm.cia.gov/cgi/comment_form.cgi This document record is found at internet address: http://www.istopdeath.com/cia.bmp Feb 28, 2003 11:15am MST Sedona Az Robert Ray Hedges says: We have inherited a solar powered destructively tested dna rising consciousness context. Notice how few females are aggressive immoralists, they are strangely absent from the intention to preserve what they build in their bodies, mainly all of us. I say this is an alarming fact. I further surmise that the mother must be psycho-genetically anesthetized in order to breed to kill and must be a supreme actress called smoke and mirrors or synthetic charisma aka lying. Further, she must bluff the brotherhood into you can't fight titty hall or "You can't hit girls." Thus the Beta Males can only kill males with the collective anger which is usually stimulated by both sexes. The Anger Diode. Primates have inherited this beginner pre-ethical psychical sexist regime as a beginning point for negotiations. Certainly, our most recent victims of breed to kill, which I estimate to be about 500 million children, deserve some honesty from the adults they are drawn to trust. The Best Presidential advisor would be Laura Bush to move out of her passive "breed to kill" smoke and mirrors act and confess to her children on world television that she created them to die and, THEN, draw up a world wide plan with all earth mothers to Own their Power and their RESPONSIBILITY to the victims of breed to kill. Then get real with the sources of male anger so that we can trash the military insanity world wide and apply those largelY wasted funds (AND HUMANS) to immortality research and some positive emotional resources. Prostitution, in all of its forms, must end....including taxes and the gayness of heterosexual monogamy http://www.istopdeath.com google search copy/paste "taking over the internet"