Around HImachal Pradesh in 4 days!!

This trip took us 5 guys - Varuns two, Anups two and a shamelessly namesake-less Meekal around a few of Himachal Pradesh's most beautiful spots!!

The trip took us from Gurgaon to Kasauli to Shimla to Tatapani to Chindi to Dharamshala to McLeodganj to Jwalamukhi and back to Gurgaon!

Honestly, this site is more like a testing ground for the features of my cell-phone.

So, here I am going to put up the files from its camera as well as GPS, as far as possible, in some sort of sequence...


Alright, here are the first results from the GPS, 3 different routes...

i. Palam Vihar to East Punjabi Bagh (Google Earth)


ii. Conductor side view of NH1 (Google Earth)


iii. Kasuli to Shimla (Google Earth)


iv. God knows what this one is! (Google Earth)


v. Solan to Kasauli (Google Earth)


vi. Completely unrelated, but, the path from Texas Instruments,Bangalore to my home in Bangalore! ;) (Google Earth)


NOTE: New paths in BLUE... And, the links all open in Google Earth.

             Also, the height of the path in Google Earth is the speed at that given point that I was driving at! (I actually achieved 40kmph in Bangalore!!)


Picture album below!

HP Roadtrip slideshow