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There is something about time that has made people exaggerate its value! They say, time is money! I say, if that was true, I'd probably feature on the next Forbes list of Top 10 richest people around. Why? Simply because time is all that I have got. Well, let me explain...
When you enrol for an Engineering degree, apart from the exclusive appellatives like geek, nerd and weirdo, what you bargain for is a hell lot of time 2 do nothing. Some ill-headed people might have used it to "invent" gravity or maybe hypothesize our great simian inheritance. Now, come on, couldn't so much precious rocket fuel have been saved had it not been for Mr. Newton! May the heavens forgive those who try the over-burden the world which is already dying under the weight of a never ending list of laws; and am not yet referring to Jude Law.
So, what have we got? Time, and loads of it! As they say, "Something has to be done about it"! Therefore, I decided that my time, henceforth, would be divided into units of time! Everyday, a couple of units, go in2 looking for hidden clues about where Osama could be hiding! Why, precious little of any thing else has been on newsprints around the world since 9/11! I hope to either crack the $50m pot offered as reward sum day, or join John Nash. They say genius hides behind a mask of weirdness; I say weirdness is the first step to genius! Some day, maybe, the Nobel Prize will come my way... Just maybe!
By the way, soccer has some thing about it! Now, where did soccer come up from, suddenly? Have patience, I'll explain. The world over, mankind (no, not the womenfolk, jus us, the men) has been referred to as a bunch of overgrown boys. Lesser mortals who could never actually fathom what could be so exciting about guzzling down beer by the barrels over a period of about 90 minutes watching 22 people running after a ball, which they try to kick away, into something of a net, as soon as they get it! Well, neither do we understand u women folk, but, did we ever chuck u out? Therefore, peace prevails, n people like me who have yet to feel the need for a beer or two to let their feelings flow; we can eat, sleep, talk, walk and not 2 mention, actually "play" soccer for hours on end. Here go another 4 units of my time.
People spend a lifetime looking for someone who reacts the way they want them to, speak exactly what one wants to hear and then shut up when asked to do so, without creating a fuss. Sum1 who can humour u all day and all night! Well, didn't sum wisecrack refer to the greatest invention of the past century as the IDIOT BOX! I'm still looking for that person so that I can sue him 4 insulting my partner, if I may refer to it by that name, which expends nearly 4 more units of my time!
Well, of the rest of the units, 2 go to the gym. You know even leisure has its own fitness level requirements! Then, every Engg worth his salt (deliberately avoiding "her", coz the sex-ratio in tech school can put even India's census results 2 shame), should b straining "his" eyes over the PC for atleast 4 units of time.
Then there r the necessities of life that u spend another unit on. The rest 9? I need to sleep, don't I?  Yes, despite whatever my writing makes u feel, I am from the same planet as u, so, it all totals 24 units...
Well, I got to prepare my acceptance speech for the Oscar for the most devout follower, if not the Nobel Prize. So, adios!