Baby Naming's 
Baby naming tends to be a much simpler process, the ceremony itself must be shorter as the guest of honour is often only able to survive an hour or two between naps!  As a mother of two littlies, I certainly understand this!

Naming ceremonies are fundamental in almost all societies, allowing the infant to be ceremonially named and welcomed into a family group and at the same time naming one or two other adults who promise to take over responsibility of the child, should something happen to the parents.

For this, we would normally have a meeting to discuss what structure you would like the ceremony to consist of. Whether you will be naming other 'godparents' or mentors for the child and whether you'd like to include any rituals, such as placing of a bracelet, tree planting, releasing of balloons, butterfly's, etc.

I can then write your personalised ceremony for you, providing it to you prior to the event.  If you feel the need, I am happy to attend a rehearsal, but generally this is not required.  Then I will of course attend the Naming Day and present your ceremony, exactly as you would like it!