Tekken 7 Grand Finals

posted Dec 3, 2018, 3:01 PM by Adrian M ThePRO   [ updated Dec 11, 2018, 4:48 AM ]
Tekken 7 Grand Finals
Capga South East
Casual Kai
Early X-Mas Edition
Casual Kai Early X-Mas Edition
Casual Kai events are held bi-weekly at Chibi's Boba 
a nice comfortable venue with plenty of space 
indoors, and has outside seating available as well. 
Chibi's Boba
 Casual Kai's Early X-mas Edition was a free event 
with prizes.  The turn out for this event was about 
15-30 people playing FGC games casually and 
competetively. The event is organized by very 
friendly and experienced gamers that also play 
casually and competitively. This event really lives 
up to its name "Casual Kai" by having a diverse  
mix of casual and pro players that have a passion 
for playing and learning about all things FGC.  
There were 11 people playing in the Tekken 7 tournament 
and the grand finals came down to a very close finish. If you find 
yourself in Orlando Florida, it is definitely worth attending 
a Casual Kai event, it is fun for the whole family and the 
venue has a nice mix of food, deserts and signature 
drinks to enjoy as well.