Curriculum Vitae


Comparative Thinking in Biology. Cambridge University Press. 2021.

Scientific Knowledge & the Deep Past: History Matters. Cambridge University Press. 2019.

Rock, Bone & Ruin: an optimist's guide to the historical sciences. MIT University Press. 2018.


Bringing Thought Experiments Back into the Philosophy of Science. Studies in HPS (with Arnon Levy)

Of Records & Ruins: Metaphors about the Deep Past. The Journal for the Philosophy of History.

Hawkes' Ladder, Underdetermination, and the Mind's Capacities. The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Archaeology. (with Andra Meneganzin).

Narratives, Events & Monotremes: The Philosophy of History in Practice. The Journal for the Philosophy of History.

Not by Demography Alone: Neanderthal extinction and null hypotheses in paleoanthropological explanation. Biology & Philosophy (with Andra Meneganzin)

Creativity Without Agency: Evolutionary Flair & Aesthetic Engagement. Ergo (with Derek Turner)

Behavioural Modernity, Investigative Disintegration & Rubicon Expectation. Synthese (with Andra Meneganzin)

Not by signalling alone: Music's mosaicism undermines the search for a proper function. Behavioral and Brain Sciences (with Anton Killin, Carl Brusse & Ron Planer)

Misaligned Education. Journal for the Philosophy of Sport.

Uniqueness in the Life Sciences: How Did the Elephant Get its Trunk? Biology & Philosophy (with Andrew Buskell)

An agent-based model clarifies the importance of functional and developmental integration in shaping brain evolution. BMC Biology. (with Shahar Avin & Stephen Montgomery)

Speculation Made Material: Experimental Archaeology & Maker's Knowledge. Philosophy of Science.

Past Facts & The Nature of History. Journal for the Philosophy of History. (with Daniel Swaim)

Science & Speculation. Erkenntnis.

Stepping Forwards by Looking Back: Underdetermination, Epistemic Scarcity & Legacity Data. Perspectives on Science

Epistemic Engagement, Aesthetic Value & Scientific Practice. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Epistemic Optimism, Speculation, and the Historical Sciences. PTPBio.

Kon-Tiki Experiments. Philosophy of Science (with Rose Novick, Eden McQueen & Nathan Brouwer).

Simplicity, One-Shot Hypotheses & Paleobiological Explanation. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences.

Paleobiology & Philosophy. Biology & Philosophy.

From Things to Thinking: Cognitive Archaeology. Mind & Language. (with Anton Killin).

Recent Developments in scholarly publishing to improve research practices in the life sciences. Emerging Topics in Life Sciences. (with Stephen Eglen, Ross Mounce, Laurent Gatto & Yvonne Gablis)

Introduction: Creativity, Conservatism & the Social Epistemology of Science. Studies in HPS.

Why Experiments Matter. Inquiry, forthcoming (with Arnon Levy)

Working together to face humanity's greatest threats: Introduction to The Future of Research in Catastrophic and Existential Risk. Futures, forthcoming. (with Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh)

Mass Extinctions as Major Transitions. Biology & Philosophy, forthcoming.

Frameworks for Historians & Philosophers. HOPOS, forthcoming. (with Kirsten Walsh).

Existential Risk, Creativity & Well-Adapted Science. Studies in History & Philosophy of Science, forthcoming.

Bottled Understanding: the role of lab-work in ecology. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, forthcoming.

Ingredients for Understanding Brain and Behavioral Evolution: Ecology, Phylogeny, and Mechanism. Comparative Cognition & Behaviour Reviews. 2018. (authors same as Beyond Brain Size, below).

Method Pluralism, Method Mismatch & Method Bias. Phil Imprint, Forthcoming. (with Shahar Avin)

Geoengineering Tensions. Futures, Forthcoming.

Beyond Brain Size: uncovering the neural correlates of behavioral and cognitive specialization. Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews. 2018. (with *deep breath* Corina Logan, Shahar Avin, Neeltje Boogert, Andrew Buskell, Fiona Cross, Sarah Jelbert, Dieter Lukas, Rafael Mares, Ana F Navarette, Shuichi Shigeno, Stephen H Montgomery).

From Models-as-Fictions to Models-as-Tools, Ergo. 2017.

The Argument from Surprise, Canadian Journal of Philosophy. Forthcoming.         

Newton on Islandworld: Ontic-Driven Explanations of Scientific Method, Perspectives on Science. 2018. (with Kirsten Walsh)

Not Music, Musics, Estika. 2017. (with Anton Killin)

In Defence of Story-telling, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science. 2017. (with Kim Sterelny)

Accelerating the Carbon Cycle: the ethics of enhanced weathering, 2017. Biology Letters. (with Holly Lawford-Smith)

Gouldian Arguments & The Sources of Contingency, Biology & Philosophy. 2017 (with Alison McConwell)

Scientific Knowledge of the Deep Past. 2016, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science A. (with Derek Turner)

The Mystery of the Triceratops's Mother: How to be a realist about the species category. 2016, Erkenntnis.

Ethnographic Analogy, the Comparative Method & Archaeological Special Pleading. 2016, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science A.

Musical Pluralism & the Science of Music. 2016, European Journal for Philosophy of Science (with Anton Killin)

Hot Blooded Gluttons: Dependency, Coherency & Method in the Historical Sciences 2016, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Caricatures, Myths & White Lies 2015, Metaphilosophy (with Kirsten Walsh)

Marsupial Lions & Methodological Omnivory 2015, Biology & Philosophy

Philosophy of Science & the Curse of the Case Study. 2015, The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophical Methods (Daly ed).   

Model Organisms are not (theoretical) Models. 2015, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (with Arnon Levy)

Venomous Dinosaurs and Rear-Fanged Snakes: Homology and Homoplasy Characterized. 2014, Erkenntnis

Narratives, mechanisms & progress in historical science, 2014, Synthese

Convergence as Evidence.  2013, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Review Articles

Creativity and Philosophy. 2019, British Journal of Aesthetics.

Big Dragons on Small Islands: generality and particularity in science. (Review of Angela Potochnik's Idealization and the Aims of Science), 2018, Biology & Philosophy.

Forces, friction and fractionation: Denis Walsh’s Organisms, agency, and evolution, 2017, Biology & Philosophy (with Andrew Buskell)

Robert Chapman & Alison Wylie's Evidential Reasoning in Archaeology 2017, Philosophy of Science

Sabina Leonelli's Data-Centric Biology 2017, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Review of Melinda Fagan's Philosophy of Stem Cell Biology 2014, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Convergence, Contingency & Morphospace 2012, Biology & Philosophy

Reports from the High Table. 2011, Biology & Philosophy

Other Things

Extinct, the philosophy of paleontology blog

Interview on Existential Risk & Science. Imagine 2084.

Piece on Mary Anning for The Conversation.

Interview about existential risk and maverick science, by the Naked Scientists.

Does science need mavericks? Aeon

Article in Aeon on the role of gaps in the fossil record

Interview at the APA Blog

Editor of the philpapers archaeology category.

What drives philosophical progress? blog post, with Kirsten Walsh

Kea Cognition: a remarkable case of convergence with primates popular article