Hard Drives - Why Can't They All Just Work?

An Unexpected Problem... 

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So I get the hard drive today that I was looking forward to, except for one small problem - The connection things look completely different!  Turns out, they are.  So while I am trying to decide whether Seagate or Dell is to blame for the incompatibility problem, the sudden realization comes to me - It's my  fault.  OUCH!  Not only are things not working out, but the only person to blame for your problems is you!  That's right, this is no one's fault but yours!  

So I proceed to send the company a return/exchange request, and of course, there is the little box asking what the problem you have is.  They ask for a 'brief description of the problem'.  It's nice when something is wrong, like a few weeks ago when a product I ordered for outdoor activities was significantly smaller than advertised - no problem there!  Just punch in "you didn't tell me it was this small" and you're good to go.

But this time as you stare in the box, you begin to hate that box, because words start appearing in your mind, words that describe the only thing that seems to fit in there.  Things like: "I am sorry.  I was stupid and did not know what I was doing!"  Or maybe something like, "The product is fine, but I wasn't educated enough to do my research".

So I settled for something that makes you look like you know nothing about computers, yet doesn't quite make you look stupid: "The product was not compatible with my computer".  Of course to any other computer professional it will look something like "I ordered ATA-6 when I should've ordered SATA150.  Sorry I didn't take the time to make sure to order the right one the first time".  

Now I know some of you just completely missed that last example, but hey, join the crowd, I missed that to when I ordered this hard drive.