Crysis -- The Next Gaming Revolution?

Crysis - Taking Computer Gaming To The 'Next Level'

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Last week, hundreds of thousands of Halo fans lined up at stores across the world to claim their very own Halo 3, more than 1 million of them having pre-ordered the game.  Many skipped out on school, and others took a vacation day from work to beat the game.  Others played all night, only to show up to school or work the next day as an exhausted, but satisfied, Halo fan.  But while the Xbox 360 fanbase is celebrating the release of the long awaited Halo 3, PC Gamers are patiently waiting for the game that may revolutionize all games, and even gaming -- as we know it.

 This game is called Crysis.  Some would point out that "hey, they're just pulling another one of those 'aliens are invading the earth' stunts.  Didn't we just finish this with Halo 3?".  Granted the alien concept is nothing new, but there are many aspects of the game that have never quit been touched before in the history of computer gaming.  The environments can be destructible to an insane degree; trees split, tires pop, and explosions rip through your surroundings -- all thanks to Direct X10, which has proclaimed to make your game come alive like never before.

Originally, the Demo for Crysis was set to be available for download on September 25th (Strangely, same date as the release of Halo 3).  But alas, the demo was pushed back...about a month.  Yet, as things sometimes shift suddenly, a beta of Crysis was released to the public on October 1st.  I guess that would make it early for being late.  But the twist is that only the multi-player option is available; no campaigns for now.

So will this  new game, set to be released November 16th, be able to compete with all of the excitement and buzz about Halo 3?  I think so.  This is a different market.  Though they are both gaming communities, there are many who have chosen not to purchase a 360 just because of Halo 3.  Some out of the fact of the cost, and others because they believe another gaming revolution is just around the corner...

 Stay tuned-