Adrenal Cortex Conference

Since 1984 the Conference on the Adrenal Cortex has provided an exciting combination of science and resources for basic and clinical scientists. The 2018 conference will continue the tradition by including renowned speakers who will cover the latest research on adrenal development, hormone signaling, steroidogenesis, adrenal insufficiency, primary aldosteronism, Cushing’s syndrome and adrenal cancer. As in previous meetings, the Keith L. Parker Memorial Lecture will be awarded to an international leader for their contributions to adrenal research.

Finally the Adrenal Cortex Conference has always encouraged the participation of students and post-docs. Trainees can submit their abstracts for presentation in the congress poster session and compete for trainee travel awards.

Adrenal 2018 Program Organizing Committee:

Chair:      Martin Reincke, Ludwig Maximilan University of Munich
                Felix Beuschlein, University hospital Zurich
                Martin Fassnacht, University Hospital Würzburg
                Stefan Bornstein
                Nicole Reisch
                Stephanie Hahner
Adrenal 2018 Program Advisory Committee:

                Wiebke Arlt (UK)
                Jerome Bertherat (France)
                Maria Candida Fragoso (Brazil)
                Celso Gomez-Sanchez (USA)
                Gary Hammer (USA)
                Eystein Husebye (Norway)
                Enzo Lalli (France)
                Ken Morohashi (Japan)
                Yossi Orly (Israel)
                William Rainey (USA)
                Hironobu Sasano (Japan)
                Constantine Stratakis (USA)

Keith L Parker Memorial Lecture Advisory Committee:

Chair:      Walt Miller (USA)
                Wiebke Arlt (UK)
                Richard Auchus (USA)
                Ken Morohashi (Japan)
                Amanda Swart (South Africa)