Swiss Chocolate Almond Parfait


2 boxes vanilla pudding sugar free / fat free

1 box chocolate fudge pudding

6 cups milk

1/2 packet Starbucks instant Italian Decaf Coffee

1 7 oz. Container marshmallow cream

1/3 jar hot fudge sauce


Whipped cream

maraschino cherries


Put one box of vanilla pudding and 1/2 packet instant coffee in a bowl. Stir dry ingredients. Then add 2 cups milk and mix with beaters or a whisk.

This will be your first layer, pour into the bottom of 6 pretty glass dessert bowls or even large wine glasses.

 Next make your chocolate pudding according to the package directions. Pour the chocolate pudding in a layer over the coffee pudding.

Next make the vanilla pudding according to the directions, and pour it evenly over the chocolate pudding.

In a separate bowl mix the marshmallow cream with the hot fudge sauce. This is your swiss chocolate sauce. You will probably need to heat the hot fudge sauce for 30 seconds to soften it a little to help it mix a little easier with the marshmallow cream.

Then add you whipped cream and a cherry, and viola!! You have a Swiss Chocolate Almond parfait.

This makes 6 servings.