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Can You Use Bottled Water For Baby Formula

can you use bottled water for baby formula
    bottled water
  • drinking water (often spring water) that is put into bottles and offered for sale
  • Usually refers to both sparkling (or with gas) and distilled (or flat), so you must specify
  • Bottled water is drinking water packaged in plastic or glass containers. The dominant form is water packaged in new Polyethylene terephthalate bottles and sold retail.
    baby formula
  • Infant formula is a food manufactured to support the great adequate growth of infants under six months of age when fed as a sole source of nutrition . The composition of infant formula is roughly based on a mother's milk at approximately one to three months postpartum .
  • The Baby Formula is a Canadian mockumentary film, premiering May 22, 2009 at the Inside Out Film and Video Festival in Toronto.Jason Anderson, . Toronto Star, May 15, 2009.

Rocco Joseph O'Brien - August 11, 2007
Rocco Joseph O'Brien - August 11, 2007
August 4th, 2007 - Nine weeks before the due date of our first child, as I was walking into work (as usual) I felt a gush of liquid. I thought my water had broke at first but soon found out, to my dismay, that it was blood. I felt another gush, terror and panic. "This can't be happening to me" I thought. At my 20th week ultrasound I was diagnosed as having 'placenta previa' but had found out several weeks later that the placenta had moved away from the cervix and all was well, I would have a normal delivery. So you can imagine my shock when I began to bleed. I immediately called my clinic. They instructed me to get to the emergency room as quickly as possible. I worked only a few miles from a hospital so, as calmly as I could, I drove myself to the ER. I ended up having contractions so the nurses gave me medication to stop them. They also gave me several steroid injections to help my baby's lungs develop faster. He was only 31 weeks gestation. I was on strict bed rest and even had to have a catheter put in because I was unable to move for fear of pre-term labor. I was not given anything to eat or drink for 36 hours. The hospital I was at was unable to care for a baby born earlier than 32 weeks so on Thursday, August 6th I was transferred to another hospital with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). By Friday, things were looking up. I had develop pneumonia but the bleeding had stopped, I was able to eat, and I was able to take my first shower since Tuesday morning. My husband and I went to sleep, me on the hospital bed and him on his chair converted into a bed. At 3 o'clock in the morning another, more intense gush of blood woke me up. I told my husband to get a nurse. When the doctor finally came in I was 3 cm dilated. I was going to have the baby today. They immediately moved me to the 'Labor and Delivery' unit. Despite the intense thunderstorm outside my window the nurses suggested we try to get some rest. But I was having contractions and I was scared. I couldn't sleep. By 8am the bleeding hadn't stopped. The surgeon came in and told us that I would have to have an emergency C-section. There was risk that if the bleeding didn't stop I would have to have a complete hysterectomy and a blood transfusion. Rocco Joseph O'Brien was born at 4 lbs 13 ounces 18.5 inches. He was immediately taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where he was put into an incubator and on oxygen. He had trouble breathing, jaundice, and he couldn't eat on his own or maintain his own body temperature. He had to have a feeding tube. He had an IV and was on several monitors. A few hours after surgery I began to pump. I didn't get much breast milk at first and he had to have formula but I didn't stop trying and was able to provide food for my baby while we were separated. I felt like it was the only thing I could do for him since I was unable to hold him right away. Rocco also had apnea spells where he would stop breathing altogether. But he is a fighter. He loved to pull out his feeding tubes and IV's. He was able to breathe on his own a few days after he was born. It took him another few weeks to maintain his own body temperature and by the time he was released from the hospital (four and a half weeks later) he was able to eat on his own using a bottle. We tried practicing breastfeeding for weeks. He would latch on but he would only take in a tiny amount. The nurses would give him the rest of his food through the feeding tube. I felt helpless and at times I felt like giving up. The lactation consultants, nurses, and doctors told me that he was doing great, that latching on was the hardest part, and that it would just take time. We would see babies in the NICU come and go. We wanted our baby to come home. Breastfeeding was very important to us so me and Rocco kept trying and by November he was able to successfully breastfeed on his own without using a nipple shield. I continue to pump at work and have not given up. I feel like we are both in this together and I want to give him the best chance to flourish and grow. I have attached three photos. The first is me and Rocco the first time I was able to hold him and do Kangaroo care. The second is Rocco in the incubator. The third is my proudest mommy moment. My baby boy, seven months later, 19 pounds, sitting up on his own. He is officially off the preemie charts in weight and height and he has more than tripled his birth weight!!! I am so grateful for all the doctors and nurses that helped us on this journey and the lactation consultants who encouraged me to keep pumping and keep trying to breastfeed. Today you can't even tell our wonderful baby boy was born 9 weeks early.
Kebaikan penyusuan susu ibu dari kacamata saya...
Kebaikan penyusuan susu ibu dari kacamata saya...
Sorry guys... Actually I have so many things in my mind to write about, but it's just that sometime I only could managed it halfway, because of my baby who keeps "calling" me and I have to stop. However, when I come back, I lost my points though, hmmm. So, at the entry title, you will see "(not finish yet)"! heee... Okay, for this entry, again, breastfeed story duhh... Mesti you all dah bosan kan asyik cerita pasal breastfeed, baby food and etc. Alaaa, just take it as a cup of tea, time to get a little bit knowledge sambil bercanda tawaf blog orang, boleh?! alaaa boleh laa... Another few days, Rafiqh dah 7months. I just can't believe how fast time flies, rasa macam baru lastweek dia tendang2 dari dalam my tummy and now everynight he kicks my head, my face and the whole of my body, dush2... And the MOST important thing is I still can't believed I could breastfeed him succesfully till today... Even though my breastmilk dah tak melimpah ruah macam dulu, but still I believed it is enough for him. As all of you know, the concept of "pengeluaran adalah berkadaran terus dengan permintaan" or maybe vice-versa (I forgot already!), same goes with breastmilk production! Selagi baby hisap, selagi itu laa otak akan menyampaikan arahan untuk kilang susu terus beroperasi... You guys might wondering, why I am soo fanatic and love to talk about breastfeeding, huh?! There are too many benefits that if I wish to list them out, sehari semalam pun tak habis tau... Tapi, dengan pengalaman yang hanya secubit garam ni, I masih nak berkongsi my story. Who knows, among all of you, ada mom-to-be/dad-to-be yang baru nak berkenalan dengan breastfeed, kan? kan? Okay, mai baca apa kebaikan penyusuan susu ibu pada pandangan I: 1. FREE of charge - unless for working mommies, they need to buy breast pump gear and bottle, but still if you do the calculation, penyusuan susu ibu jauh lebih murah berbanding formula milk... Tak percaya? Cuba laa... 2. No need to pening2 kepala fikirkan susu apa yang baik untuk anak, then nak kena testing2 pulak, takut alergic ker, sembelit ker, apa ker. 3. Tak perlu basuh dan "rebus" botol susu setiap hari! I hate doing those when my little brother was a baby... Dan sebenarnya penggunaan botol susu plastik ni merbahaya, better to use glass-bottle, huh tak kuasa aku nak pakai kaca2 ni, ?????~ (menyusahkan)... 4. I direct breastfeeding, so mengurangkan risiko Rafiqh tersedak (bahaya woo, boleh membawa maut jika air masuk peparu). Susu ibu ni hanya keluar apabila baby hisap, kalau susu botol ianya mengalir laju, that's why kadang2 kita tengok baby tercungap2 sebab kelam kabut nak telan... 5. Juga mengurangkan risiko over-feed yang mana bila besar nanti kurangnya risiko obesity. Logiknya kerana susu ibu hanya mengalir bila baby hisap, baby hisap hanya bila dia lapar, when he has enough and full, he will automatically stop sulking. But, it is difference for bottle feeding. Baby akan minum hingga botol kosong, maka terjadilah over-feed! 6. Mengurangkan risiko kembung perut - baby yang bottle-feeding ni kalau ibu/penjaga/pengasuh cuai, baby2 terus hisap botol yang dah kosong ie baby hisap angin, kembunglah perut baby. Satu hal pulak kena dengar diorang nangis... 7. Tak payah bangun malam - yang ni part paling best, hehe. Even siang pun, tak perlu siapkan susu dia. Kurang laa satu kerja mama... 8. One of the ways to maintain my weight. I guess so, cause if I'm not breastfeed right now, I'm sure I will become more and more CHUBBY! hahaha... Thanks to my little-Rafiqh cause he takes all my fat, hihi... 9. Tak perlu dengar Rafiqh melalak siang/malam bila dia dah tergedik2 lapar. So easy to feed him! 10. Not necessary to prepare all those bottle, milk, hot-water thermos bla bla when we want to go out! From all the points I listed above, kebaikan paling utama pasti lah khasiat susu itu kan? Tapi I tak nak mention sebab kita tak dapat "lihat" dengan mata kasar! Kesimpulannya, I really *heart* breastfeed!

can you use bottled water for baby formula
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