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All Natural Baby Products

all natural baby products
    all natural
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all natural baby products - WOOLINO Ultimate
WOOLINO Ultimate Baby Sleep Sack, All Natural Merino Wool, One Size Fits Baby 3-24 Months, All Season Sleeping Bag, Blue
WOOLINO Ultimate Baby Sleep Sack, All Natural Merino Wool, One Size Fits Baby 3-24 Months, All Season Sleeping Bag, Blue
Premium Baby Sleep Sack from Woolino - 100% natural, made from superfine, luxuriously-soft, allergy-safe merino wool. Discover the beautiful, practical and stylishly designed Woolino Baby Sleep Sack that will allow your baby to sleep peacefully and comfortably through the night.
Made from 100% NATURAL FIBERS: Silky-soft 100% Australian merino wool on inside & 100% pure cotton on outside. Contains no synthetic filling.
Because babies are not able to kick off the sleep sack, they stay warm and comfortable all night long.
CREATIVE DESIGN - fits babies 3 to 24 months & can be worn yearlong as exceptionally breathable merino keeps your baby comfortable, dry, and safe in both cool and warm climates. No need to buy a new baby sleep sack every 6 months.
Full-length zipper and double shoulder snaps allow the sleep sack to be opened flat for easy changes. Comes with a matching travel bag. Tested to meet U.S. children safety standards.
EASY CARE - machine washable on low temp. Can be tumble-dried on low heat.
WHY MERINO? Merino is deemed to be the finest, softest and most technically advanced natural fiber in the world. It is THE perfect fiber to have next to a child's sensitive skin. It is significantly finer than other types of wool and it feels luxuriously gentle against baby's skin. It breathes, regulates temperature, manages moisture, it is non-allergenic, easy care and durable. It is naturally perfect. Merino is ALLERGY-SAFE. It is safe to use for babies with sensitive skin, eczema or allergies. Merino is a NATURAL FIRE-RETARDANT.
MAY REDUCE THE RISK OF SIDS. Natural merino provides warmth without overheating. Due to its unrivaled breathability and moisture control properties it has natural ability to regulate body temperature creating a micro-climate around baby's body. It is sleeveless to reduce the risk of baby rebreathing into the sleeve. Reduces the risk of suffocation as fabric stays clear of baby's face. It also promotes back sleeping.

89% (8)
Gentle Spring - Natural Beauty Set
Gentle Spring - Natural Beauty Set
This gorgeous natural beauty set consists in: - 1 20 gram jar of ointment; - 1 Body Stick; - 1 Lip Balm. Properties: healing, hydrating, calming, anti-aging, antioxidant. Heals small wounds, eczema, spots, callouses. The ointment is soft and made to be used liberally - it works wonders on dry feet and hands, elbows and knees, and anywhere where the body needs some extra hydration. Put the ointment on your feet before sleep and enjoy Goddess feet all the summer! It is also a wonderful aid for baby rash. The body stick is made for small wounds or scratches, spots or any specific application on small surfaces. It is a bit harder than the ointment so you can carry it with you without any melting danger. Perfect for hiking, camping, gardening... I also use it as a cuticle cream, as my hands suffer a lot of strain from crafting and gardening, and you wouldn't believe how quick it works! All our natural beauty products start with the creation of a herbal oil. First quality sunflower oil is used and several herbs are steeped in the oil, first using the energy of the sun to extract the essential oils and medicinal properties, and then a final extraction is made through simmering the oil at a very low temperature for several hours. Then the oil is carefully filtered and used as a base for each product. Perfume: NONE Colorants/Additives/Preservatives: NONE Chemicals: NONE Made with oils, herbs and organic beeswax ONLY. Scented with Peppermint essential oil (NOT flavour oil or perfume oil). Vegan and children safe.
Organic Baby Floral Water Lavender Chamomile soothing wiping spray from Touch of Nature series
Organic Baby Floral Water Lavender Chamomile soothing wiping spray from Touch of Nature series
Use this wonderful floral water instead of regular one for baby refreshing wiping and see how thankful skin will be. Because your baby deserves the best. Highly beneficial and safe for baby's skin, even on the most sensitive areas, this water helps you to do both tasks at ones - clean and refresh - naturally! Chamomile calms irritations and Lavender soothes tender skin. Also, this water is fabulous addition to your baby's bath tub to enjoy, relax and induce sweet "herbal" sleeping. The scent is very pleasant, subtle floral and suitable for both girls and boys. Don't limit the use of this Organic Floral water to your baby wiping! Of course, you can use it too! :-) Also try it as: * - a light facial toner with soothing properties * - hair reviver * - linen spray * - clothes freshener * - air freshener * - add 2 Tb to bath tub to enhance the relaxing experience Besides all the benefits, this fabulous exquisite Flower water is Organic and all Natural, no chemicals, synthetic preservatives and other yucky stuff that usually may be found in commercial similar products.

all natural baby products
all natural baby products
Colic Calm All Natural Gripe Water Colic Relief 2 Pack
The Homeopathic Gripe Water that WORKS! Symptomatic Relief of COLIC, GAS and REFLUX. Colic Calm is the ONLY gripe water that delivers: (i)FDA Regulated and Registered Medicine, unlike common dietary supplements (ii) Safe and 100% Natural (iii) No Side Effects (iv) Manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality natural ingredients (v) Completely free of alcohol, sugar, simethicone, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), herbal oils and extracts, citric acid, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, and animal products.

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