Our Mission 

Global Adoption, Counseling, Cultural Resources Inc. upholds the vision that peoples of all cultures are one people on one  earth planet. As it is named, Global Adoption, Counseling, Cultural Resources Inc. has strong interest, vision, and commitment to serve the needs and interests of people from different cultures and backgrounds locally and globally. The Agency promotes joint global efforts to build understanding among cultures and nations, and to take care of the local and global environments to enhance peoples of all cultures to get along better, and survive longer, as one people on one earth planet. 

In adoption and cultural exchanges, we strive to bridge the needs and interests of children and youth in need of a home and that of the needs and interests of families needing &/or loving children and young people, and wanting to provide a home for them through adoption or hosting. We connect people from different cultures to be resource for one another, and to other relevant resources.

     Who are we? 

We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit public charity
, approved by the IRS, with the EIN number 20-33935158. We are a
 good-standing private adoption agency, licensed in Kentucky, by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, with the license No, 500516. 

GLOBAL ADOPTION, COUNSELING, CULTURAL RESOURCES, INC, offers services in adoption and counseling, and provides and connects people to relevant cultural resources. 

ADOPTION services enhance the growth of families, helping children without homes to have a home, and couples without children to have children. We offer:


Domestic, International & Embryo Adoption 

Adoption home studies

    Post-Adoption Follow-up

COUNSELING services help individuals and families with needs and stresses that people of all ages and life-stages struggle, with from cradle to grave. This include assessment & treatment of sample issues like:

    -unwanted pregnancy planing & services

    -child behavioral problems & parenting issues

    -marital & blended family issues

    -work/career/EAP issues 

    -mental health and physical health issues 

    -aging & retirement issues

CULTURAL RESOURCES includes providing, connecting and developing resources, such as

Inbound & Outbound Cultural Exchanges 

Local & International Green Heart Projects


    Language Teaching & Interpretation Services

    Culture-related Consultation and Resources 

    Why us?                                                                

We are dedicated to render our services in a professional, sensitive, expedient, and affordable manner.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity. Our EIN no is 20-3395158. You donation to our cause will help many families and children.Your donation is fully tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your taxes. 

Various difficulties experienced in life are stressful and even troubling and disruptive to our lives.

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