Ohio's Adoption Laws Are Changing

Ohio's adoption laws changed on December 19th when Governor John Kasich signed Substitute Senate Bill 23 into law. Adoption Equity's website was developed to serve as a tool during the ROAR Campaign. That activity has ended and starting on March 20th, 2014 we entered a period of implementation.

Adoption Network Cleveland (ANC) and Ohio Birthparent Group (OBG) are leading and supporting the implementation. Click on one of the links above or "It's Not 1964 Anymore" image to get further information.

AEO will be here as a resource for the foreseeable future but with a different purpose. Our primary role will be to help people seeking information on implementation to contact the appropriate groups through their websites, facebook pages and twitter. We will also continue to carry any updates provided by ANC and/or OBG, as well as maintain the ROAR campaign history for your reference. You can connect with ANC or OBG and make a donation to offset the costs that have and will be incurred. If you feel that we should add or adjust any information, contact us through facebook or twitter.
 The link below will take you to Updates issued AFTER Senate Bill 23 was signed into law. For older non current updates go to ROAR Campaign History
Updates - Post Senate Bill 23 Becoming Law (Rev 9/2014)

A behind the scenes instructional film for adoptees whose records open 3-20-2015

Be part of history in the making!
Adoption Network Cleveland is hosting a celebration Thursday evening March 19, 2015 as part of “Opening Day” – when 1964-1996 Ohio adoptees can first apply for their vital statistics records. We reserved a block of rooms at the Drury Inn Columbus Convention Center (which is just several blocks from Vital Statistics).
There will be celebrations on Friday March 20 as well. For more go to AEO's  Facebook page.

If you are interest in the materials that were used on the Adoption Equity Website during the ROAR-2013 campaign, the link below takes you to that information.
ROAR Campaign History