Learn The Facts - Pre December 2013

To be successful in our current effort, ROAR 2013, we need citizens from across the state to know the facts about this discrimination, speak up and let their legislators and others know how they feel. The following links are intended to help anyone trying to factually understand the issues related to adoptee access to their original birth certificates.Ohio law pertaining to adoptee access to their original birth certificates needs to be reformed. Ohio currently has a three-tiered system of access: Pre-1964 and post-September 1996 adoptees can obtain their original birth certificate with some restrictions, but access for persons adopted in the 32-year period between 1964 and 1996 remains, at best, problematic.

This disparate treatment by Ohio law is a discriminatory limitation of adoptees civil rights and denial of access to these records may pose as serious health risks to adoptees who lack knowledge of their medical history. During previous unsuccessful efforts to have the Ohio legislature to pass laws that would create a uniform, user-friendly system of access there has been heated opposition by those who understand neither the needs of the adoption community nor the legislative, political and social history of the laws that regulate adoptee access. Join us as we work to change Ohio law.