Help Restore Adpotee's Rights In 2013

Sustitute SB-23 to be signed by Governor. The information below is out of date and for reference only

Be A ROAR 2013 Proponent

Many of our supporters have been working on restoring adoptee rights in Ohio for decades. They
have learned that preparing to change the law related to access to original birth certificates requires a lot of background work with legislators, proponents and opponents. This work set the stage for ROAR 2013 and the introduction of Senate Bill-23 (SB-23) and House Bill-61 (HB-61) which reflect the needs and concerns of all involved.

Ohio SB-23, sponsored by Senators Beagle and Burke, and HB-61, sponsored by Representatives Pelanda and Antonio, were introduced in February of 2013. The proposed legislation would allow:
  1. Ohio adoptees adopted 1964 to 1996* access to their Original Birth Certificate upon request at age 18, starting one year from bill passage date.
  2. Ohio birthparents to file a Contact Preference Form specifying if and how they would like contact.
  3. Ohio birthparents to complete and put on file an updated medical history for the adoptee.
HB 61 was reported after a unanimous vote in the House Judiciary Committee on March 13th, 2013. HB-61 was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives by a vote of 96-1 on April 10, 2013. The Bill had
bipartisan support with 2 sponsors and 66 co-sponsors out of the total of 99 Representatives. Read HB 61 proponent testimony.

Senate Bill 23 was unanimously reported out of Senate Medicaid, Health and Human Services Committee on April 24, 2013. SB-23 has bipartisan support with 14 sponsors and co-sponsors out of 33 total Senators. It currently awaits the opportunity for a full vote by the Ohio Senate. Read SB 23 proponent testimony.

To see these bills become law, legislators need to know that their constituents, the voters, care about restoring adoptee rights. Remember, YOU are the key on this issue. All of us have the job of being sure legislator's hear from all concerned Ohioans. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

*Adult adoptees from before 1964 in Ohio already have this right, as do the vast majority of adoptees after 1996.