Ohio's Adoption Laws Have Changed
Ohio's adoption laws changed on December 19, 2013 when Governor John Kasich signed Substitute Senate Bill 23 into law. The purpose for Adoption Equity Ohio was to be the central source of information during the legislative process and during the implementation period. The AEO website will remain for historical purposes, but will not be updated. However, there is still plenty of support out there for you. For information on Ohio's changing law and other adoption topics go to Adoption Network Cleveland's website (ANC)

For information on selected topics, choose one of the following ANC links
  • In 2013 Adoption Network Cleveland took leadership in gaining the right for all Ohio adoptees to have access to their original birth records.  The new law gives 400,000 adult adoptees adopted between 1964 and 1996 access to their original birth certificates.
  • Adoption Network Cleveland hosted celebration events in Columbus on Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th. Go to the ANC facebook page to see photos and updates. (While you are there, please LIKE the page!) If you are an adoptee affected by the new Ohio law, join the closed facebook group for a supportive online forum.
  • ANC Videos - including those about the new Ohio law and from Opening Day

If you are interested in the materials used by Adoption Equity Ohio during the ROAR-2013 campaign, follow the link below.
ROAR Campaign History