Flash Cards For Babies

flash cards for babies
    flash cards
  • A flashcard or flash card is a set of cards bearing information, as words or numbers, on either or both sides, used in classroom drills or in private study. One writes a question on a card and an answer overleaf.
  • (Flash card) a memory card designed for use in your camera that uses flash memory. There are several types of flash cards.
  • (flash card) a card with words or numbers or pictures that is flashed to a class by the teacher
  • A card containing a small amount of information, held up for students to see, as an aid to learning
    for babies
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flash cards for babies - Munchkin Traveling
Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards
Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards
Munchkin Traveling Flash Cards
Teach English and Spanish in a flash.
Everyone knows how much fun and effective flash cards are in learning new words. These 42 colorful cards teach 84 new words and have stimulating, memorable images to help kids learn. They introduce colors, shapes, numbers, letters and words to eager young minds. And, the easy-grasp handle allows kids to use them on their own. In a word, they’re wonderful.
Great for home, daycare and travel
Permanent connector rings keep cards together
Recommended Ages: 3 years & up

76% (7)
Spelling in fourth grade
Spelling in fourth grade
My daughter has been getting horrible grades in spelling until I started doing this. I create these crazy flash cards in photoshop, and then use them as the screen saver on our computer.

I get the spelling words in advance, and open photoshop, and just start google- image searching. I look for on tipoc pics, but also I keep the letters in mind that she cannot remember. I look for images that recall or could recall those letters' shapes, as well as reinforce the meaning of the word- a mountain replaces the letter 'a' in "peak" for example.

another strategy is that I interfere with the letter that she cannot recall- this week I have some one "stealing" the letter 'a' from the word 'steal', another week a baby bit off the corner of the letter 'w' from 'chew'.

The best spellers are visual. She is visual. I am trying to cement these connections in her head.

She has gone from failing to getting a's and a pluses last year. THis year she was getting C's and I'm waiting to get out first 'pst-visual' test back.
I've gotten a tad bit behind on updating my 365 photos. This is from Sunday. We were at the in-laws today for lunch, and had to head back home to get the yard cleared out for patio work that started today (Monday). I didn't have any photos, but saw these little flash cards sitting on the table. I bought these in hopes of teaching Kenzie French (and learning a little myself). I can go through the cards, but learning a language is just not my thing, though I do want to learn French well enough to speak it. Especially, if I ever have a chance to go back to France. I would love to take Kenzie one day, but the next time I go, I need to understand the language a little better to avoid stressing myself out.

flash cards for babies
flash cards for babies
First Words Flash Cards (Brighter Child Flash Cards)
Brighter Child First Words Flash Cards offer children a fun and easy way to practice those first words to prepare for school. Featuring 54 cards that help reinforce phonics, letter recognition, and reading readiness skills with full-color illustrations. A special card also offers creative game ideas designed to reinforce learning. The popular Brighter Child® Flash Cards give children a fun and easy way to practice important skills. Offering 24 titles encompassing preschool to grade 5, each title focuses on an important subject including early concepts, math, phonics, and U.S. History. Fun game ideas and learning suggestions are included to help children build proficiency and confidence. Game cards also allow children to develop thinking, decision-making, turn-taking, and social skills while playing fun games at the same time. Selected titles are also available in English-Spanish and Spanish only versions

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