Clothing For Baby Boy

clothing for baby boy
    for baby
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clothing for baby boy - Robeez Baby-boys
Robeez Baby-boys Infant 3 Pack Moose Socks, Brown/Multi, 0-6 Months
Robeez Baby-boys Infant 3 Pack Moose Socks, Brown/Multi, 0-6 Months
Robeez Socks 3 Pack Socks Designed to coordinate perfectly with Robeez Shoes, these playful socks are made from Cotton and feature whimsical motifs, a special kick-proof gather to ensure that they stay on babies and toddlers feet. They come in a gift box with three distinctive Robeez themed-designs. Perfect for gifting or everyday wear. The quality, whimsy and fun you expect from Robeez now in Robeez Socks! A sure hit at Baby Showers! Easy care: Washable and dryable with a skid-resistant bottom

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Baby boy clothes
Baby boy clothes
I'm having a blast hunting for good finds for the baby boy in my belly. We have a few things left over from when Jessica was a newborn we can reuse but I gave most of it away or borrowed it out so we're slowly but surely getting a few things for the little guy. I only let myself buy whats on sale - these are my finds from today :)
enough clothes for a gaggle of babies
enough clothes for a gaggle of babies
i thought we were having the one.... a friend of mine recently dropped by to give us "some" of her girls' old clothes because she is pregnant with a boy and needs no more pink and cutesy. our little baby bear won't need anymore clothes until she's in her teens.

clothing for baby boy
clothing for baby boy
Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby: 24 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers
Beloved designer Lotta Jansdotter shows how easy it is to make cheerful gifts for little cherubs. A new mother herself, she's created 24 projects that match her simple style with practicality, resulting in sweet, yet durable, essentials for any rumble-tumble baby. She includes baby hats, bibs, a diaper bag built for the back of a stroller, a ribbon-tag blankie perfect for teething, and many more pint-sized projects. Beautiful photographs inspire while clear step-by-step instructions and how-to illustrations ensure foolproof crafting. With ready-to-use pattern sheets included in the handy front pocket and stencil templates at back, Simple Sewing for Baby makes it a cinch to stitch up modern accessories for both baby and mom.

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