Welcome, to the Adopted Teens website!
Here, you can talk to your peers about personal experiences, ask questions or just ask for advice.
I'm adopted myself so I can empathize with those who have been adopted.
We all know that being a teenager is hard enough, but being an adopted teen may add complications.
On this site, you can find some answers to your questions and learn different ways to cope with your personal situation.
In my opinion, it's easier to get through tough times knowing that you're not the only one in the world who has to go through it.
Not all adoption situations are the same. For instance, I was adopted twice. Once at the age of 2 and again at the age of 18.
But you can still learn from others' experiences. 
I hope that you are able to get the help you need, meet some teens just like you and possibly make new friends.
Also, one of the reasons behind the site is to get information for my graduation project. There is a page that you can visit that will explain my graduation project more indepth.
**The site is "under construction."  However, you can still post things and I may be adding pages to the site.**
(This site is not intended to replace any professional help or diagnose any mental health issues.)
(Please do not judge and or make fun of others who are using the site.)