Hi, you! Haiku!

posted Oct 6, 2017, 10:55 AM by Beth Orcutt

By Tess Weathers

In honor of the haikus you are writing about your adopted microbes, members of the crew are also writing haikus! Some of them are about our own favorite microbes, others are about our jobs or the type of scientific questions we would like to answer.

Two six-year old CORKs

yield North Pond basement secrets

slight over pressure!

- by Keir

Le bibliotheque

We sit here to learn science

North Pond is a beaut

- by Annie

Annie in the ship’s library, where she wrote this poem!

You take things apart

It’s not if it breaks, it’s when

Learn how to fix it.

- by Trevor

Ahoy! There’s North Pond!

Pull up the CORKs, and after,

join Poseidon’s crew!

There’s life in the rocks

underneath the ocean floor

What are they doing?

- by Jackie

Far below the sea

We bold adventurers

Seeking deepest truth

- by Rose




- by Tim

Tim is adjusting the centrifuge, a device that spins samples and helps separate liquids from solids.

Bottom of ocean

There’s a sediment layer

How fast does it cool?

Water flows through the

deep rocks below the ocean.

Mixing sustains life?

- by Tess

Tides are Earth's pulse; deep

beneath, their echoes can be

felt. Listen, and learn.

- by Zach

Science is awesome

Men and women can do it

Let’s explore the world

- by Meg

Meg adding water to the autoclave.


Long, stringy, bacteria

Eats yummy sulfur

- by Kristin

Alvin brings three folks

to the bottom of the sea

One gets to drive - me!

I take two guests and

peanut butter sandwiches

for seafloor picnics

Waves are just the start

Darkness, critters, through and through

And so much to learn!

- by Jefferson

Jefferson tightens a bolt on the ROV Jason

Iron for a meal


Find me in the deep

- by Ben

make microbe haiku

work on papers and email

four more days to site

- by Beth