The Team

Project Leader

Beth Orcutt
Beth is a postdoctoral research associate at the Center for Geomicrobiology at Aarhus University in Denmark.  She is sailing as a microbiologist during Expedition 327, helping to install colonization devices in oceanic crust to explore microbes living in the deep biosphere.  She used to be a radio DJ at WUOG 90.5fm at the University of Georgia.

Project Contributor
Dinah Bowman

Dinah is an artist from Portland, Texas, that is sailing with Expedition 327 as part of the Education and Outreach team.  She makes the illustrations that accompany the stories from DEBI and Mario the Marinobacter.

Project Contributor
Katie Inderbitzen

Katie is a graduate student at the University of Miami in the lab or Dr. Keir Becker.  Her research focuses on understanding fluid, pressure and physical properties of oceanic crust.  In her free time, she is a wicked awesome seamstress!  She'll be helping out with our 'make your own microbe' project during this cruise!

Project Contributor
Amanda Turner

Amanda is a graduate student at the University of Southern California in the lab or Dr. Katrina Edwards.  She is interested in understanding how microbial life influences basalt alteration in oceanic crust.  She writes the stories from DEBI the microbe.

Co-chief scientist

Andy Fisher
Andy Fisher is a professor from the University of California Santa Cruz.  His team will be studying the hydrogeology of the ocean crust during Expedition 327.  Andy is the voice of Mario the Marinobacter.