The End of Expedition 327

posted Sep 3, 2010, 12:16 PM by Beth Orcutt
Greetings from the JOIDES Resolution, microbe lovers! After almost two months at sea, today is last day of operations on Expedition 327. Everyone is busy packing up samples and equipment while the final sediment cores are arriving on deck. On Sunday the ship will finally arrive back in Victoria, Canada. Many of the scientists will be heading straight to the closest salad bar for some fresh fruits and veggies (we ran out of those a few weeks ago)! 

A big high five to everyone that participated in the Adopt A Microbe project during this expedition! We hope that you all had as much fun as we did with the projects and learning about the exotic microbial life on Earth! Stay tuned to the JOIDES Resolution website for news about future Adopt A Microbe projects connected to other ocean drilling expeditions.

Long live microbes!

A big thanks from the Adopt A Microbe project team of Expedition 327!  
(left to right) Amanda Turner (the voice of DEBI), Beth Orcutt, Andy Fisher (the voice of Mario the Marinobacter), 
and Dinah Bowman (illustrator for the DEBI and Mario stories).