Asen L. Dontchev

dontchev  [at] umich [dot] edu        

This webpage provides information about my research. I am currently employed by Mathematical Reviews, a division of the American Mathematical Society. I am also affiliated with the University of Michigan. For more details,  see my vita. More about me and my work at Mathematical Reviews you can find here.

My research interests are  centered around estimating the effect of perturbations and approximations on solutions of variational problems, in particular problems in the general areas of optimization, optimal control, differential equations, calculus of variations and approximation theory. The perturbations may be represented by changes of various parameters in the problems, e.g., singular perturbations in differential equations/control problems, while approximations are understood broadly as any changes in the original problem that may help in solving it; for example, discrete approximations to infinite-dimensional problems or sequences of approximate solutions that are generated by iterative methods. I am mostly interested in variational problems with constraints where tools from classical analysis can not be applied. For more specific information about my current research interests please see my recent book coauthored with R. T. Rockafellar, "Implicit Functions and Solution Mappings. A View from Variational Analysis,"  Second edition, Springer 2014, see Errata and Addenda.


Selected Publications