These are results of lost of reading blessed scroll of item creation (they behave similar to item drop by monsters) by Troll Wizard Lvl1, in Wilderness, in 1.2p9.
Unidentified individual generations(castings) and idenfied final results
Particular books are not included in Identified, as each one is picked as separate item, and over 8K items game gets problems with performance(it was picking about 2 books/sec).
Corpses(and lot of other food) rotted during generating/picking/dropping, so their number in identified section is reduced.

Semi-raw data

From over 30,000,000 (10K per file) generations, splitted among different danger levels, troll wizard lvl1 in 1.2p9:
* generations - unidentified
* "heaped" -identified
* normalized (prefix/suffix/parameters removed)
Naming scheme:
* irdl<X> := DL is probably X (calculated through maximum gold drop/44, later it was statistically tested that max/44.5 is more accurate)
* sod<X> := number of blessed ?ofDanger read

Artifacts frequency

My experiments suggest that chance for item generated being artifact is 1/1000:

Number of artifacts in 10,000 item generations

Non-artifact items that were never generated

moloch armor
mummy wrapping
cooked lizard
cooked roach
fat worm
fried bat
lump of bee wax
lump of gelee royal
rat tail
alraunia antidote
burb root
curaria mancox herb
demon daisy
devil's rose
morgia root
moss of mareilon
pepper petal
stomacemptia herb
stomafillia herb
crumpled scroll
papyrus scroll
scroll of warning
scroll of information
strange message
ratling pamphlet
giant boar skull
golden ball
marble statue
unfinished statue of an unquestionably famous hero

Empirical Danger Levels of items

Google spreadsheet

Extract from data "Semi-raw data" section.Not all artifacts are available, 4 items are unclear(it's written in comments colum)

Empirical Danger Levels of monsters

Google spreadsheet

On basis of statues generated. Can be 1 too low(due to DL estimation) of few levels too high(in case of rare monsters)

Monsters that do not have correspoing statue

Google spreadsheet

Technical detail of framework

adomItemsFramework.tgz(linux-only), working, but yet to be updated

Author of framework (and research): anilatx

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