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Adolf Hitler

  Hitler was born in an Austrian Village of Braunau Am Inn, which is close to German Bavaria (where he would later live).  As Hitler grew, he took an interest in painting... In 1905, however he was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (they said he was unfit for painting).  The academy, however steered Hitler toward a career in the architectural field.  He studied heavily, and grew a great fondness for architecture.  As time pressed forward, Hitler was thrust into World War One (1914 to 1918), yet he hid from his draft and received prison time, after Hitler could hide no more, he had to face the war. In the war, he became a messenger (often undertaking life threatening missions), and narrowly escaped death, many times...
However, his good luck fell when he was shot in the leg during the Battle of Somme.  After recovering, Hitler demanded to be put back on the front, and in doing so he received the Iron Cross first class (this was a very rare award for foot soldiers).  Hitler then took up being a spy for the Weimar Government.  In 1919, Hitler took a stand and lectured to the German Workers' Party for fifteen minutes straight.  Later that week he received a call saying that he should join the party, because his ideas were golden.  Hitler, now part of a key party in Germany, attempted many things to make the party larger.  He eventually succeeded.  
Since the Workers' Party saw that Hitler needed to apply his skills, they put him in charge of publicity and propaganda.  In Feb. of 1920, he brought over two thousand people to hear various speeches.  Hitler's speech wasn't the main speech, but what he said, became the base for the Workers' Party.  By Feb. 24th 1920, the German Workers' Party changed their name to the National Socialist German Worker's Party, which we know as Nazi.  Even though it seems Hitler was a popular man, some didn't like his ideas, therefore they sentenced him to five years in prison for being radical (1924) .  But Hitler wouldn't serve his full time, because he managed to convince the jail guards he was a good man.  He soon became everyone's favorite. By 1929, the Great Depression had begun, and Germany was hurting worse than before.  The people, now facing extreme inflation would listen to anyone. Thus the Nazis and Hitler pounced on the opportunity to point the finger of blame at someone.  In this case it happened to be the Jews, the people seemed to like it, so they slipped their votes for Hitler and the Nazis, because they had a solution.  Before people could blink twice, Jews were being shipped to extermination and concentration camps (where six million Jews, and many other people would be slaughtered). This would come to be known as the Holocaust.  Hitler and the Nazis were in total control.  But some people, wanted further change, like Ernst Roehm (head of the SA which stand for Sturmabteilung ~ Paramilitary Brownshirts).  Hitler disliked the Brownshirts and their leader Ernst Roehm, because they were a threat to his power.  Hitler consulted with Reichswher (the official German Military).  Together they planned an attack on opponents that threatened Hitler's regime.  The Night of the Long Knives "Operation Hummingbird" was in full swing in July of 1934.  Hitler successfully managed to kill about one hundred, and arrested a thousand opponents in this attack.  Five years later he initiated "Plan Z" which re-equipped the Nazi German Navy, with stronger forces.  Life goes on with Hitler, and he succeeds in many areas, while losing very little.  However on the 30th of April (1945), Soviet troops near the Reich Chancellery (place where an important person dwells and makes plans, etc. for the benefit of a place, country, etc.).  Knowing that his luck has run out, Hitler bites into a Cyanide tablet, while also shooting himself in the head.  Hitler, the man who changed Germany was dead...

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