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Post-meeting notes March 19, 2011

posted Mar 20, 2011, 3:03 PM by Arden Arindaeng
March 19, 2011

Picnic – coordinated by Dennis. Thanks!
Food catered by Egay and Family
B-day Cake by Dennis
BBQ, grill, charcoal by Abe, William, Jesse, Dennis
Drinks by El
Thank you for bringing in potluck food
B-day Boys (from Membership Roster, as of March 13, 2011)
February – Belated to Jeric de Leon, Michael Paysan, El Lardizabal, Ricky Herrera
March – Louie Jamir, Milton Lanier, Amang Aguila, Jon Maganis, Vic Cartagenas, Patrick Niviera, Edgar Uyan, Steve Manzanares, Randy Domingo
April – Chris Kostman, Donnie Marquez, Ramon Ponce de Leon, Lloyd Bandonillo, Froilan Rigonan
Anyone else missed?
Awarded remaining 2010 certificates
Certificate of Appreciation
Al Villamil – 2010 Race Series Assistant Race Director – not present
Deogracias Asuncion – 2010 Race Series Carson Criterium Race Director – not present
Ryan Roldan – coordinated ADOBO Nation coverage
Albert Javier – History (have him mentioned everyone who helped)
Certificate of Accomplishment
Louie Navalta – LA Wheelmen Highland Grand Tour and Death Valley Fall Double Centuries – not present
Events, Accomplishments, and ASTIGS:
Tour de Francis Castaic last December – Still waiting for list. Not in ASTIGS page.
Tour de Palm Springs
Thanks to the Goropse Family and friends for being great hosts!
Congratulate participants!
Camino Real Double Century - ASTIG Accomplishment
El Lardizabal, Jun Usi, Frank Natividad, Richard Leh
Death Valley Spring Century, Ultra Century, Double Century - Francis
Ultra century – need list of finishers - ASTIG Accomplishment
Double century – Elpidio Lardizabal – ASTIG Accomplishment
2011 Race Series
Cat A
1st - Jon Maganis (32 pts)
2nd -Abe Borillo (20 pts)
3rd - Noriel Simsuangco (15 pts)
Cat B
1st - Cyp Caces (32 pts)
2nd - Froilan Rigonan  (22 pts)
3rd - Joe Leon (15 pts)
Desert Sprint Triathlon in Palm Springs –500-meter swim, 14-mile bike ride, 3-mile run - Rosalie and Cousin Michelle Carillo - 2nd Place Relay open women - ASTIG Accomplishment
LA Wheelmen Fargo Hill Climb– ASTIG Accomplishment
1st place – William – 62 climbs
3rd place – Jess Agrezor – 55 climbs
6th place – Roehl Rosales – 50 climbs
Rosalie’s record broken – will come back next year?
Solvang Century – El, Ed Morente, Louie Rivera, Gil.
Cycling Advocate Mark Bixby of Long Beach Dead in Plane Crash
A commercial real estate agent and scion of Long Beach's Bixby Land Company, has been one of the leading forces behind the city's recent bicycling renaissance, and the founder of the annual Long Beach Bike Festival. He has also been one of the key advocates insisting on bicycling access to the new Gerald Desmond Bridge, as well as supporting the recent revocation of the city's bicycle licensing program.
March 20 - May 7 Events – reminder to always send an invitation out in our YG
March 26 – Solvang Double Century – ASTIG Qualifier
March 26 – Hell’s Gate Century, 8,500 ft – ASTIG Qualifier
April 2 – Race Series 2 -  PV ITT
April 2 – Padyakan sa Fresno
April 9 – Mulholland Double Century – ASTIG Qualifier
April 16 – Hemet Double Century – ASTIG Qualifier
April 30 – Cruizin the Conejo
May 1Tour de Cure – led by Victor Caampued
May 7 – Anniversary Picnic and new officers. Venue tbd.
New Yahoo Group Moderators - Ed Morente and Mandy Genato
Thanks for submitting membership forms. For those who hasn't yet, please do it as soon as you can. Thanks.
Ratify By-laws – presented by Mandy
Nominate new officers per by-laws.
- Volunteers are encouraged.
- On-line polls will be ready soon for:
- President
- Vice-President
- Secretary (will this be a change from a club moderator position?)
- Treasurer
- Volunteering for a position?
- Votes can also be submitted during anniversary picnic.
- New officers on anniversary picnic
Club Insurance – presented by Mandy.
Corrected ADOBO Velo Anniversary date – March 19, 2005 – presented by Albert
- Will start celebrating on March 19, 2012
3rd batch of uniform orders
- Expected delivery date by mid-April. Thanks Rosalie.
Membership Cards
- Form a committee. Need a list of volunteers.
- Committee was not formed during the meeting.
- Manny Amit on standby for design creation and printing.
- Rosalie and Arnold will laminate cards.
Road ID
- Discounts ended March 6.
- Thanks Jonas.
Buy red-white-blue (ADOBO Velo colors) Lazer Genesis helmets from Banning’s Bikes at a discounted.
ADOBO Velo Bike Frame and Wheelset
- Consensus ended Feb 28 – 88% in favor
- Will not push through due to unavoidable circumstances.