Welcome to ADOBO Velo

SoCal's biggest Fil-Am Cycling Club
2009-2012 USCF Member # 12324
All skills levels welcome, regardless of NATIONALITY, RACE, COLOR, CREED.  Our mission: Promote cycling among all levels of cyclists, by organizing not-for-profit bicycling activities open to club members, local communities, and like-minded cycling clubs. Some of the benefits of membership include...
Camaraderie (see photos) 
Club Rides (challenging yet friendly)
Organized Events (Picnic rides, centuries, etc)
Adobo Velo kit exclusive to members
Club ride insurance ($10k accident + $1M general liability)
Questions, Comments?  Email us at adobovelo@gmail.com.

We're all AMBASSADORS of the sport of cycling. Let's represent it well !!
 - SMILE and HAVE FUN. If you do this, the rest comes easy. 
 - Be Courteous
 - Obey traffic laws  
 - Don't litter  
 - Don't be a danger to yourself or others around you 

Officers and Board of Directors May 2015-May 2017
Ed Hidalgo - President
Arnie Carrillo - Vice President
John Pe Yap - Treasurer
Paul Simon Aguilar Moderator

Geographic chapter directors
Olan Medina - Cerritos
AJ Santos - Carson
Mike Paysan - Duarte
Jerold Corpus - Ventura/Valley  
Julius SinoCruz - Orange County 
Mhel Mojica - Chino Hills 
Jon Yuson - Eagle Rock 
Celin Tompkins - San Diego 
Amante Aguila  - Philippines 
Ferdie Dimatulac - Las Vegas  
Gustavo Guardado Palmdale 
Louie Bismonte - Okinawa Japan (accreditation in progress)
Emil Torroba - Sydney Australia (accreditation in progress) 
Functional directors
Ed GallegosEndurance
Thomas Zaide - Racing 
Presidents Emeritus
Jesse Santamaria - President 2005-2008
Dennis Gorospe - President 2011-2013
Mandy Genato - President 2013-2015 
2016 EVENTS:

01/1/2016 [Fri] AV NYD Ride / Cerritos - PCH 
01/16/2016 [Sat] 
01/23/2016 [Sat] Tour De Palm Springs
01/30/2016 [Sat]
02/6/2016 [Sat] 
02/13/2016 [Sat] 
02/20/2016 [Sat] DC Camino 
02/27/2016 [Sat] Giro de Bri Stage 1
03/5/2016 [Sat] DC Southern Inyo
03/12/2016 [Sat] DC Joshua Tree
03/19/2016 [Sat] DC Solvang 
03/26/2016 [Sat] Giro de Bri Stage 2
04/2/2016 [Sat] Eagle Rock Chapter Ride and Picnic
04/9/2016 [Sat] DC Mulholland
04/16/2016 [Sat] DC Hemet
04/23/2016 [Sat] Giro de Bri Stage 3 (KOM QUALIFIER)
04/30/2016 [Sat] DC Devil Mountain - STAGE RACE
05/7/2016 [Sat] 
05/14/2016 [Sat] Cerritos Chapter Ride and Picnic 
(Adobo Velo Birthday)
05/14/2016 [Sat] DC Central Coast - STAGE RACE
05/21/2016 [Sat] DC DAVIS
05/28/2016 [Sat]  
06/4/2016 [Sat] DC Eastern Sierra
06/11/2016 [Sat] Chino / IE Chapter Ride and Picnic
06/18/2016 [Sat] DC Terrible Two
06/25/2016 [Sat] DC Grand Tour
06/25/2016 [Sat] DC Alta Alpina 8 pass challenge
07/2/2016 [Sat] 
07/9/2016 [Sat] Tour de Palmdale (KOM QUALIFIER)
07/16/2016 [Sat] DC Borrego
07/23/2016 [Sat] 
07/30/2016 [Sat
08/6/2016 [Sat] DC MT Tam
08/13/2016 [Sat] Intrams - Chino/IE 
08/20/2016 [Sat] Intrams - Eagle Rock
08/27/2015 [Sat] Intrams - San Diego
09/3/2016 [Sat] 
09/10/2016 [Sat] DC White Mountain - STAGE RACE
09/17/2016 [Sat] 
09/24/2016 [ Sat] Orange County Chapter Ride and Picnic
09/24/2016 [Sat] DC Knoxville Fall Spring
09/25/2016 [Sat] CTC Awards Breakfast
10/1/2016 [Sat] Las Vegas Chapter Ride and Picnic
10/8/2016 [Sat] DC Bass Lake Powerhouse
10/15/2016 [Sat] DC Solvang Autumn
10/22/2016 [Sat] DC Oceanside
10/29/2016 [Sat] 
11/5/2016 [Sat] 
11/12/2016 [Sat] Tour de Castaic (KOM QUALIFIER)
11/19/2016 [Sat] 
11/26/2016 [Sat]
12/3/2015 [Sat] DC Dead of Winter
12/10/2015 [Sat] 
12/17/2015 [Sat] 
12/24/2015 [Sat] 
12/31/2015 [Sat]


11/15/2015:  Hello Adobo Velo Members:

Your Adobo Velo annual membership is up for renewal for the year 2016.  Before you renew, think carefully, as we want YOU to be really sure that this is the club for you.  For example, below are some reasons (in no particular order) for staying in any club in general:

(A) Were you able to FIND THE TIME to ride with the club?  (Adobo Velo has weekly rides among various chapters, and we have a club-sponsored picnic/raffle ride or event almost every month.)

(B) Do you ENJOY RIDING WITH THE CLUB, and SHARING STORIES/PHOTOS on the club's Facebook? Do you get along with club members?  

(C) Is it important to you to have RIDE INSURANCE COVERAGE? (Adobo Velo provides club members with General Liability and Participant Accident/Medical insurance coverage during club rides).

(D) Did you purchase a CLUB KIT to "represent"?  (Adobo Velo kits are proudly made in the U.S.A. We have over 300 members who order kits, and the bulk low price is passed on to members:  Adobo Velo makes zero markup on kit sales.)

(E) At third-party organized rides (such as charity century rides, double century rides, etc) do you RIDE WITH OTHER CLUB MEMBERS, for "safety in numbers", or "the more the merrier"?  (Did you know that at some of these rides, Adobo Velo fills 10% to 30% of the ride roster?)  

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, then you're probably getting good value for your membership.  If you answered "no" to most of them, we'd feel guilty about taking your dues again and not providing value.

REGISTER HERE  Applications from prospective new members, and from former members (e.g., resigned / removed / lapsed) are subject to review before membership is accepted.

ANNUAL DUES:  $50 every January, but see below

NEW MEMBERS or LAPSED MEMBERS RE-JOINING in So. California and Las Vegas chapters:  $50  

CURRENT MEMBERS WHO ARE RENEWING in So. California and Las Vegas chapters:  $40 "Early-Bird" by 12/31/2014.  $50 on 1/1/2015 or after

USA residents, but outside So. Cal and Las Vegas (Do not have own chapter): $25  

Sydney Australia and Okinawa Japan residents (Do not have USA club insurance): US$10  

Manila, Philippines residents (Do not have USA club insurance. Have own RP-made kits): US$5  

Primary members who are minors:  $25  

Spouse and dependents : $25  


WE PREFER PAYPAL (so we don't have to make a trip to the bank). Please pay to PayAdoboVelo@gmail.com. Since this is not a business, but 100% run by friends/volunteers without profit motive, please choose "Family and Friends". (Do not choose "Goods and Services" as that incurs a fee.)

(BUT IF YOU MUST PAY BY CHECK, send an email to PayAdoboVelo@gmail.com and we'll email you the remittance address)


 AdventureCorps events:"Special Thanks is extended to Francis 'Picachu' Ignacio, a four-time Furnace Creek 508 solo finisher, was up all of Friday night, cooking the super popular adobo Filipino food (adobo chicken, adobo pork, rice, and curry vegetables) for all the riders, then he spent all of Saturday working the finish line and keeping his home-cooked food warm and ready to serve. And now you know why his LA-based cycling club (which is open to riders from anywhere) is called Adobo Velo! (Several Adobo Velo riders participted, and several volunteered. They are a regular fixture at AdventureCORPS events: riding, volunteering, or both.)  " - Chris Kostman, AdventureCorps

YOUTUBE VIDEOS: by Team Agrezor




REGULAR CLUB RIDES : Check Facebook to confirm ride.  

MON Encanto 7:30am / 75 Mi  to Seal Bch
MON  El Dorado - 6pm/ El Dorado Crit

TUE Encanto 7:30am / 75 Mi  to Seal Bch

WED Carson 7pm / Carson Crit
WED Encanto 8am / 7:30am / 75 Mi  to Seal Bch

THU Encanto 8am / 120-156 Mi / Encanto >PCH >SART

SAT Liberty - 7:30am / Liberty >Newport or Turnbull
SAT Encanto - 7:30am / Encanto >GMR or E.Fork 

SUN Encanto - 7:30am / Encanto >GMR or E.Fork 
SUN Calabasas - 7:30am / Calabasas >Latigo, Mulholland, Decker.
SUN Cerritos - 7:30 am / Liberty Park - Orange St.

Duarte, Encanto Park: 751 Encanto Pky, Duarte, CA 91010 
Orange Co, Yorba Linda Reg Park 7600 E. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim CA 92807
Orange Co, Fountain Valley: Fountain Valley Costco
San Diego: TBD
Philippines: TBD