August 18, 2011 Update:

My G scale layout has been dismantled and all of my G scale models have been sold.  The room was just too small to house such a large scale layout.  I have since started building an On30 layout in its place.  See my On30 page for details and recent pictures.

March, 2008 Layout Update:

 Below are a few pictures of recent additions to my G scale layout, click on the image to see full size:





My G scale layout is a 20 foot by 50 foot indoor railroad.  The storage area for my 2.5" scale equipment is under the G scale layout.  The layout is being built in 1:20.3 scale.  Because I like both narrow  gauge and standard gauge railroads, you will see both models in 1:20.3 and 1:29 scale.

I model the SP and Rio Grande narrow gauge railroads in addition to my FC&S private road in 1:20.3.  In 1:29 I model the Southern Pacific.

The layout was started in 2000 and is about 20% completed as you can see from the pictures below.

Above is the entrance to the engine terminal which is still under construction.  The SP engine is a heavily modified Aristocraft U25B.  The small track emerging from under the bridges is N scale but it really is NOT N scale, it is 1.5" scale in the context of the 1:20.3 scale layout.

This currently is the largest trestle on the layout.  I have started construction on a 10 foot long curved trestle which is about 4 feet longer than this one.  The trestles are based on the Southern Pacific Common Standards scaled to match narrow gauge applications.

2 more of the trestles on the layout.  The bridge in the back is again based on SP Common Standards.  All of the lumber for the trestles was cut from Cedar stock to the needed dimensions.  The nut bolt washer details are from Grandt Line and Ozark Minatures.

Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Wooden Water Car Number 60

The Prototype:

The Prototype is a 28 foot wooden water car built by the Central Pacific shops in Sacramento in the 1870s.  Number 60 was one of 2 cars built for the Carson & Colorado railroad.  The car was typical of wooden water cars built by the CP for standard gauge operations.

Based on roster information in the “Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge” book by Mallory Hope Farrell these cars were scrapped before the 1946-47 equipment renumbering.

These cars were used as auxiliary tenders and water storage.  These cars had a capacity of 3200 gallons. 

The Model:

The model is built in 1:20.3 scale based on the drawing and photos in “Slim Rails Through the Sand”.  The drawing was scanned and blown up from ¼” scale to 1:20.3 scale to facilitate construction.

All of the wood parts for the model were fabricated and assembled from clear Cedar stock.  The detail parts used came from multiple suppliers.  There are over 450 individual parts that make up this model.

This flat car started out life as an Accucraft SP flat.  The car was dismantled.  The original deck was removed and replace with a real wood deck.  The couplers were replaced with Kadee body mounted 820s.  New steps, break wheel, air hoses & coupler lift bars were added.  The plastic wheels were replaced with steel wheels.

This 1:20.3 scale caboose is a built up Hartford D&RGW Long Caboose decorated for the FC&S.

My latest work in progress is the roundhouse and whisker tracks for the FC&S engine facility.  When completed there will be well over 2000 individual parts making up this assembly.