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idRTL for Indesign CS4 is a great product but it's good to know its limitations. Here we will outline features that exist in ME version of Indesign that we did not implement.

  • Free bundled Hebrew and Arabic Open Type Fonts.

  • Hyphenation Rules for Middle Eastern Languages.

  • Spell Checking Dictionary for Middle Eastern Languages.

  • Full integration into Indesign.

    • Story Direction - integrated into Story Panel
    • Paragraph Direction - integrated into Paragraph Panel
    • Character Direction - integrated into Character Panel
    • Table Direction - integrated into Table Panel
    • Right To Left Tools - which create Text Frame or Text on a Path initially with Right-To-Left Direction.
    • and many more shortcuts fully integrated into Indesign

  • Object Style Dialog includes Story Direction, and even when setting Story Direction with Scripting it is ignored in non ME version of  Indesign.

  • Visual Cursor  - using left and right arrows on keyboard move cursor the same direction as cursor moves on screen.

  • The ability to Force neutral Characters to be Right-To-Left to Left-To-Right.

  • The Reverse Layout function - to reverse layout of complete document at one time.
  • Story Editor doesn't support right to left text.

  • There are probably more but this what I got in my first look at the ME version.

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