Vice-Admiral Gregory Mezeviris RHN 
             From November 1939 - and for the duration of the World War II in Greece- Captain Mezeviris served as 
             Superior Destroyer Commander of the 10 destroyers flotilla, on board the "KING GEORGE"


England: Transfer of a 'Hunt' class Destroyer to the RN in the presence of King George II 

   Destroyer 'KING GEORGE" [or "VASILEFS GEORGIOS"] in the Gulf of Geras, Mytilene, September 11,1940. Greece still a neutral country, the Greek flag is painted on the sides of the ship.

Destroyer "KING GEORGE" in the Gulf of Geras, Mytilene September 11,1940. The Greek flag is painted on the sides of the ship, as Greece was then a neutral country. "KING GEORGE" was Captain's G.Mezeviris, Superior Destroyer Fleet Commander,flag ship.