Welcome to ADMIRAL

ADMIRAL is a non government, non profit and non discriminative action research and social development institution registered under welfare Act 1961.
 ADMIRAL is working in the country with the aim to support local indigenous institutions to build a discrimination free society.
ADMIRAL with a team of dedicated and potential volunteers and professionals is striving by keeping in mind the following philosophy: 
ADMIRAL believes in safe & sounnd work environment that is conductive to perform WMC assignments in an effective and efficient and efficient organization upholds fallowing core values:

1. Justice
2. Commitment
3. Equality
4. Accountability transparency
5. Coordination
6. Struggle

ADMIRAL’s experience vindicates that implementing any social activity in its letter and sprit is a gigantic task which involves complete adherence of all stakeholders to it but more importantly involving the masses in real sense. By involving the masses we could reach to the crux of the issues and thereafter could obtain its desired results.
ADMIRAL has persuaded the above methodology by fully involving the community in the designing as well as implementing its all on going programs. We have a strong net work of COs’ in all villages where ADMIRAL has its involvement. The formation of the COs is a marathon which under goes through a big process to fully acquaint, equip the masses to realize their importance to be in an organized network. 
This all has been done to empower them and bringing sustainability in their lives. The fruit of that struggle is in fact ready to be reaped. ADMIRAL has never remained behind in honoring human rights and women emancipation. All our activities have been designed in such a way to maximally benefit each individual without the difference of caste, creed, ethnicity, sectarianism 
ADMIRAL honors human being, human ethics. We are for the people, our activities are for the people and being implemented by the people who love and respect humanity and human values