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Information & Communications Systems & Me
Really just Information Systems (IS). Communication is implied in any act of processing data into information, in any act of being informed. But most folks in business need to hear "communication", "advertising" or "marketing" before they'll pay attention. Systems: actors, human or not, repeatedly processing inputs into outputs, using processes distinguished, observed, analyzed and/or improved or degraded, either by evolution or by folks like us and the technologies we use. 
I almost exclusively use Free/Libre/Open (FLO) technologies, like Open-source software, like Linux, Firefox, Openoffice, Apache, MySQL, PHP, BASH, awk, sed or grep. I've long used them to develop solutions for the information needs or whims of my own or others. I also write, edit, proof, research or report on almost anything in English. See my blogs for more.

The Info Systems Linked to Here
Up at the left, in the order they appear, are: first, three personal blogs at Google's Blogger.com, the last being a listing of links to over 20,000 web pages of particular if fleeting interest over 2007/8; then, another personal blog, using an version of the Wordpress Blogging/CMS sofware; and, finally, my ongoing excuse for having a free Sourceforge hosting account, the Ho Chi Minh City Linux Users Group (HøLUG). Sourceforge is the world's greatest online repository, project management and promotion service for building FLO (Free|Libre|Open) software.
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