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Upgrade Motorola Dext radio from 5012 to 5025

posted Sep 1, 2010, 1:38 AM by Alexandre Dumont   [ updated Sep 1, 2010, 2:48 AM ]
To be able to run Android 2.1 on your Dext you need an updated radio.

Check your baseband version in the phone settings: If you still have a *5012* baseband radio you need to upgrade at least to 5025. 

Use the following instrucctions, depending of your carriers 3G/WCDMA base bands (you can check on your Dext box). Don't mess up, or you will loose 3g access for ever.

Please note that what matters here are the 3G/WCDMA frequencies, not GSM one.
  • 900/1700/2100 WCDMA (T-Mobile, Spain, Europe (but Italy)):
Flash that 5025 radio using custom recovery:
  • 850/1800/2100 WDCMA (Telcel Mexico, Claro Brasil, Italy):
Flash the 5025 italian radio using RSD Lite. See Italy 3025 Radio at M3.
Obvious: If your baseband version is already 5025 or superior, don't use that instructions at all.