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Motorola Cliq / Dext

See at the end of the page for useful information regarding: root, radio upgrade, custom recovery.

Latest adlxmod builds:

[2.1固件ROM] 转载Adlxmod 2.1.5-5 for Motorola Cliq/Dext内置简体中文!

Latest adlxmod rom will enhance your Motorola Cliq/Dext and give you awesomely sweet features, in a way Motorola never did!
    • Android 2.1
    • Fully deodexed
    • Choose White or Black notification bar
    • 中文支持 - Chinese locale support (95%)
    • Overclocking support (up to 728Mhz)
    • Wifi Adhoc support
    • Gingerbread virtual beyboard
    • OpenGL 3D accel
    • App2SD
    • JIT enabled
    • Cooliris 3D wall gallery
    • Wireless tethering
    • VPN/TUN support
    • Voice to text
    • Livewallpaper
    • Multitouch (2 points pinch-to-zoom) (optional)
    • and a lot of other improvements
Includes full information needed to root, upgrade radio, and flash the rom.

Thanks goes to @Cliqandroid for the review
(this review does not show the latest version)!

Some other useful information (for Cliq/Dext):
  • Root: Use exclusively the RageAgainstTheCage universal rooting method, which is valid for any flavour of the Cliq/Dext, without tampering the radio.
  • Upgrade the radio (to 5025 or superior): See exclusively this thread. Avoid any other source and/or method as you could break your 3g for ever!
  • Custom recovery: Use my 1-Click Recovery Flasher (free on the Market) to avoid any trouble flashing a custom recovery to your phone! You will be able to flash CWM, Amon_Ra, or even the stock Motorola recovery.