AdLive available on the Android Market

Real time Performance Reports across Monetization Platforms

Performance Reports
AdLive queries your monetization platforms and builds a report comparing today's performance with yesterday's.

Supported platforms
AdSense, Admob, AdBrite, Commission Junction, Allopass, Trade Doubler, Vibrant Media, ClickBank. Comment on the Android Market and request new platforms, we will add them!

Android 1.5 or higher

Privacy Policy
The app requests Internet access permission on install, to query platform websites. The information sent through the Internet is strictly restricted to the purpose of collecting reporting data from platforms, for your benefit. Your log-in information is securely stored on the phone. We don't send your personal information elsewhere or store it remotely.

Help us make this app better.
Ask for more platforms, we will add them! If the desired platform doesn't have an open sign-up process, please provide credentials for a test account.

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New in version 1.1
- New platforms: Trade Doubler, Vibrant Media, ClickBank
- If you use AdSense over a gmail account, your login is not but user. AdLive v1.1 now automatically corrects such mistakes.