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Mrunalinni Patil is qualified medical graduate and has been working for the welfare of society since twenty years. A sincere, enthusiastic and diligent lady, who made films and short films to reform society and tried to express the socioeconomic problems by the help of Cinema.
 She made her first film named "Kagaar: Life on the Edge" in 2003. The story was about the life of police personnel. Film was critically acclaimed and well appreciated by the viewers. She made a short film "ADOPT A GIRL CHILD" which was screened by Zee TV. She directed and produced a Marathi film name "MANTHAN Ek Amrut Pyala" which was all about movie was screened by Art of Living at Nav Chetana Shivir all over Maharashtra to all the families who are impacted by Alcoholism and domestic violence. 
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