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Quickmatch was one of eight Q-class destroyers constructed as a flotilla under the War Emergency Programme. Compare fibre She had a standard displacement of 1,750 tons, and a deep load displacement of 2,420 tons.[1] Quickmatch was 358 feet 3 inches (109.19 m) long overall, and 339 feet 6 inches (103.48 m) long between perpendiculars, with a beam of 35 feet 8 inches (10.87 m).[1] Propulsion was provided by two Admiralty 3-drum boilers connected to Parsons Impulse turbines, which generated 40,000 shaft horsepower (30,000 kW) for the propeller shafts Quickmatch had a maximum speed of 31 knots (57 km/h; 36 mph).[1] The ship's company consisted of 220 officers and sailors.