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In 2006, he chaired a high level task force that reviewed Nepal's foreign policy in the new political context and presented the report with several far-reaching recommendations to the Government of Nepal. The recommendations are being gradually implemented. As ambassador to the United Nations, Sharma held many important positions of the United Nations. He was Chairman of the Fifth (Administrative and Budgetary) Committee of the General Assembly, Vice President of the General Assembly and of the Economic and Social Council. As Chairman, he was responsible to conduct the intergovernmental negotiations on the budget, structure, and human resources of the United Nations,[3] something he did very successfully and on time, a rarity at the world body. In his capacity as Vice President of the General Assembly, he presided over the Assembly's function to congratulate the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan upon his receiving the Nobel Prize.[4] and many other important activities including the launching of the Year of Mountains.[5] As Vice President of ECOSOC, Sharma was responsible for the Coordination Segment,[6] and he performed his responsibility very successfully.