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Doers, Dreamers, and Home Brewers!  

Home Brewers, Nano-Brewers & Restaurant-Pub Owners; 

Micro-Brewers, Regional & Even Offshore Brewers 

Needed to Turn Nine Trillion Gallons/Year of 'Blue Gold' into World Class Craft Beer for the 90 Million Consumers

Within a Day's Drive (350mi) of the Six Million Acre ADK Park by Using USCIS EB-5 Low Interest Funding Specifically Ear-Marked for Craft Brewing.  Na zdravi! 


  Adirondack Brewers Coalition   518.893.1H2Ø (1420)


Bring world class craft brewing/distillation & thousands of sustainable family-wage, 'blue-green' jobs 'Back to the Dacks'


Replicate, by 2025, in and around the five watersheds of the 9300 Square Miles of the 'Blue Line' of the Adirondack Park, the resounding success of the entirely 'organic' growth of the craft brewing movement in the State of Oregon - credited in 2010 * with generating $2.44 billion in revenue and > 4,900 jobs. ▌SEP 06, 2013 Update on Oregon Craft Beer #s

Oregon Craft Beer Facts – Updated 9/6/2013
Oregon’s brewing companies employ 6400 full and part-time employees-up 900 jobs over 2011.
• There are currently 149 brewing companies, operating 187 brewing facilities in 63 cities in Oregon.
Total economic impact from the beer industry is $2.83 billion for Oregon’s economy+employs 29,000 people


Actively engage local stakeholders, Fed/State/Local Govts, NGOs & Entrepreneurs to:
  • 'Seed' the ADKs with new Home Brewers by sponsoring regular promotions/competitions
  • Collaborate w/world class NGOs: BA/Brewers Assn & AHA/American HomeBrewers Assn
  • Develop a USCIS EB-5 Regional Center for the 12 (+2) 'Blue Line' Counties of the ADK Watershed
  • Aggressively pursue EB-5 investor commitment to fund developing ADK jobs in Craft Brewing segments: 
    • Nano-Brewers - Brew-Pubs - Restaurant-Breweries - Micro-Brewers - Regional Brewers - Local Farmers
  • Conduct outreach campaigns to attract existing International & Domestic Brewers to our Adirondacks
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