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How Much To Chrome Wheels

how much to chrome wheels
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  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground
  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering
  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events
how much to chrome wheels - McGard 24137
McGard 24137 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (M12 x 1.5 Thread Size) - Set of 4
McGard 24137 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (M12 x 1.5 Thread Size) - Set of 4
Protecting the world’s finest wheels and tires from theft since 1964. McGard wheel locks are manufactured in the USA to meet or exceed O.E.M. standards for safety and durability. Presently, McGard is an Original Equipment wheel lock supplier to over 30 car lines around the world. These easy-to-use, one-piece wheel locks function like regular lug nuts, but require a special key tool for installation and removal. The steel collar on the user friendly key guides the key into the lock pattern. The collar holds the key in alignment for easy installation and removal. The computer generated key designs allow for an infinite number of key patterns. The extra narrow pattern groove on the lock resists the intrusion of removal tools into the pattern. Every McGard wheel lock is fully machined from restricted chemistry steel made specifically for McGard and through-hardened for its unsurpassed level of security. McGard’s plating process includes three layers of nickel and one layer of microporous chrome producing a superior finish while protecting against rust.

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White-striped Madness
White-striped Madness
i don't know what happenned to me, but i have messed up a precreasing badly for one new paper model, so i decided to relax and to do something different for a while, and LEGO was an obvious choice, hence i love creating something from nothing and hence i created from LEGO really intensively before i explored origami, and hence the only childhood i remember were our dogs and LEGO :-D, but my works weren't that spot on =P this is my second 5-wide i have ever done (not counted the monopost/le mans (lemons XD you from LUGNuts maybe remember tha chatter on the 21st challenge XD), because the previously uploaded version (now deleted) and the recently uploaded touch up were very different, more like two different models of the same size on the same theme. i love 5-wides folks! i is much more fun than 4-wides and the one extra stud allows to add nicer details and sure you have bigger space to use some sneaky techniques. to say the truth, when i am doing LEGO, i allways end up with a different model than i thought at first - this was thought to be a mini cooper! =P and not 5-wide, but 7-wide XD! but it didn't work as i expected so i changed my mind and tried a 5-wide mini, but the rear started to look "jeepy", so i changed my mind to create a pick up, but the snot work behind the rear fenders made the car too low for an offroad and it wasn't solid enough, so i decided to cover the bed and to create a costmized pick-up from it, but at first i thought of making a 50's truck with a red grill from the claw pieces from the 4994 set and i wanted to call it "the red tooth", but it went out like a heavily costumized and awesomely overcharged Ford F-150. the model is from two main modules, the cab and the bed. it is connected together with technic bricks and there are three 1x2 pieces with 1 stud to create the typical interspace =P the taillights and mirrors are the only visible studs on the model =) i used halfstud offset techniques, SNOT techniques and added striping, i think this model is quite sneaky =P. (btw. i have to be very sneaky sometimes and i have to find "the best compromise" very often, because i have bordered load of bricks, both - in types and in number of them) because another flickr user "Mad Physicist" (greetings to you, Ralph!) is skilled 5-wide builder, (only when making minifig scale, he has awesome planes and helicopters in his photostreram, as well as plenty of ingeniously solved models of cars, visit him! =P) i wanted to make it as much my own as possible. i think i did it. here isn't any better way how to differ the car from average than tuning! =P and yeah! i know you like chrome, guys! (mee too) =D the last additional change was the stripe, because the car was boring being only red =P and one extra 3x2 plate has been added to the rear wheels to lift the rear up to make it more agressive =P you can also see a minifig can't be placed inside, the space is too narrow. i would make it one stud longer, but i love how the window works now and how it all is smooth (btw. everybody is trying to hide studs, so i had to make a studless car too =P), so i added an improvised seat and NOS bottle at least =P. to point it up it has opening doors, but i wanted to show only the "cool pics" =P i have also created a part of road for it, with "damaged asphalt behind" (using these toothed 4x1 technic plates/bricks? which are usually light grey, but i have two of these in white and six of these in black, so i used the black ones) to show the power off, but it is too long to take a good photograph of the complete composition, and it doesn't look nicely on the photos, so i decided to create an "exhibition stand" for it from all usable black bricks i had. afterwards i added a red - white - red stripes to the ends of it (just to make it even cooler =P) from classical bricks on one side and from plates on the other. and the last thing was the name. i left out the overkilled names like "redness awesomeness" and so on, afterwards i wanted to call it "racing stripes" but it still wasn't good enough, and then i got it! white-striped madness! (i am not good in giving names, but i thought it is the right name for it =P) so again: based on F-150 lighting V8 biturbo 650 HP 940 Nm 165 mph the hard-to-solve areas (a hit parade of epic fights, 1) is the hardest :-D) 1) the rear side of the cab and the interspace (i tried some exaggerated techniques, but after 10 or 12 fails i decided to go naturally, which is almost always the best =P) 2) the frontal side of the cab. i didn't know how to continue and how to connect the front wheels. (and a wrongly solved rear of the cab forced me to use even more exaggerated techniques without the awaited result, but when i solved the rear of the cab, the front of the cab, hood and front fenders went out almost naturally) 3) the snot on the rear, the bed and rear bumper (several tryings to figure out how to, chan
Sadie: Long May You Run
Sadie: Long May You Run
In memory of Sadie Mae, for whom there was too little, too late: Sadie Mae, American Saddlebred mare, 1989-2009: With your chrome heart shining in the sun Long may you run `````````````````````````````````````````````````````` I rescued Sadie only two weeks ago after her previous "owner" abandoned her in a field at a boarding facility. After relocating Sadie to the boarding facility in December, Sadie's "owner" reportedly came only once or twice in the succeeding 8 months to visit her. The "owner" did not pay for veterinary care; she did not pay for grain to supplement Sadie's field-board grass diet; she did not pay a trimmer to trim Sadie's hooves; she did not pay a dentist to float (file) Sadie's teeth. Two weeks ago, through persistence & uncharacteristic patience, I finally persuaded the "owner" to sign documents relinquishing any rights to "ownership" over Sadie & to transfer "ownership" to me & a local horse rescue. Sadie reportedly came to the boarding facility in December 2008 morbidly underweight & already suffering from a severe G-U infection, which, apparently, became an intra-uterine infection--which went untreated for at least six months. After I managed to gain legal authority (on behalf of HorseNet Horse Rescue) to take care of & seek treatment for Sadie, it was determined by an unusually kind & generous vet (who donated his services & charged only costs for ultrasound, intra-uterine lavage, bloodwork, & medications) that Sadie's uterus was perforated & the infection had leaked into her gut & over time she became septic. In the same period, she lost approximately 200 pounds. When Bodhi & I relocated to this boarding facility on April 1st, we were immediately drawn to this lonely mare, Sadie, as she paced alone in a field of geldings, next to another field of pony & horse mares. Sadie was deeply attached to a little white pony named Sophie, who lived in the adjacent but separated (by a fence) field. Sadie was denied the opportunity to be with her friend because, I was told, the students who rode Sophie in their lessons found it "difficult" to collect Sophie because Sadie would block their way when they came into the paddock to collect Sophie for their lessons. Thus Sadie suffered intense loneliness & longing. I began to approach Sadie & watch her pace alongside the fence separating her from her beloved friend Sophie. Sadie was inconsolable. I began to offer Sadie carrots; she was uninterested. So I began asking the barn manager about Sadie. Not much information was offered. There appeared to be conspiracy of silence surrounding Sadie inspired by her "owner's" neglect & abandonment. Nevertheless, I persisted with the barn manager & approached her about having a barefoot trimmer work on Sadie's hooves. The barn manager relented & for the first time in probably over a year, Sadie's horribly deformed hooves were trimmed (this was at the end of April). After that, I approached the barn manager about providing Sadie with grain, as she was grossly, morbidly underweight. The barn manager was reluctant to agree to my providing the grain to Sadie, offering that she would have to ask permission of the "owner." I demurred & decided to feed Sadie the very healthy low-sugar & high-fat grain that I give to Bodhi whenever I was at the barn--& I did so without the knowledge of the barn manager. Yet Sadie did not gain weight. I called an equine dentist & scheduled an appointment for him to come down to float Sadie's teeth. The dentist reported that Sadie's teeth were badly overgrown & terribly pointed (which I already knew because I had managed to persuade Sadie to allow me to reach up into her mouth & check her teeth). He estimated that her teeth had not been floated in at least 2 years. Two weeks prior, the unusually kind & generous vet advised me that Sadie was so ill & septic that euthanasia was a viable treatment option. Instead, I chose to have him put Sadie on a 30-day course of TMS (antibiotics) & 4 massive injection doses of genamicin (another & very potent gram-negative antibiotic), which has to be administered every other day because of potential danger to the kidneys. The first few days Sadie appeared to improve. For the first time in weeks, her temperature dropped below 100 degrees. However, over the last 4 days Sadie grew increasingly uncomfortable, distant, vacant, & refused her grain. This morning, she dropped to the ground & rolled on her back, kicking her legs out in agony. The barn manager called me at work & told me that Sadie was down & in considerable pain. She called our kind & generous vet & I left work immediately to drive out to the farm. When I arrived, Sadie was standing in the corner inside Bodhi's stall, trying without

how much to chrome wheels