Eagle metal core scooter wheels. Lyrics foo fighters wheels

Eagle Metal Core Scooter Wheels

eagle metal core scooter wheels
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eagle metal core scooter wheels - YAK Scat
YAK Scat II Metal Core Wheel Blue 100mm
YAK Scat II Metal Core Wheel Blue 100mm
The NEW Yak Scat II wheel is the hottest metal core scooter wheel on the market today! Completely redesigned to prevent "de-hubbing" the Scat is built to last. Delrin bearing cups are no longer needed to ensure proper bearing fitment. This makes the wheel not only stronger, but gives it a more solid feel. This wheel is designed for park use and smooth surface riding. Can be used front or rear. 30-Day Guarantee against De-Hubbing! ONLY from SHOPECX! Beware of imitators. Product description, photo and features COPYRIGHTED by ECX Sports Inc. 2010

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Here's one of my favorite guitar effect, I was trying to do some product shots lately using 1 strobe...hope you like it. About: Subject: Boss Metal Core Distortion Stomp box pedal Strobist Info: 1 Speed light YN460 Yongnuo Flash gun on a wireless trigger Fired on top power level set to 1/4 Camera Settings: Camera: Sony Alpha DSLRA300K Lens: Tamron AF 90mm f/2.8 Di SP A/M 1:1 Macro Lens Exposure:1.0 sec Aperture: f/8.0 Focal Length: 90 mm ISO Speed: 100 Program: Manual
My Scooter
My Scooter
frenchid pro bar,fsa dh pro headset,xt fork,jdbug deck,frontwheel:frenchid muffin, back wheel : eagle metal core purple

eagle metal core scooter wheels
eagle metal core scooter wheels
YAK Scat II Metal Core Wheel Blue 110mm
The YAK Scat II Metal Core wheel is the ultimate in performance scooter wheels with a re-designed "finned" aluminum core to help keep the wheel from de-hubbing. The 110mm is designed for aftermarket forks because it is larger than the stock wheel. You must bend the rear brake to have it fit. * PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SCOOTER WILL FIT 110mm WHEEL BEFORE ORDERING!* * ALL IMAGES AND DESCRIPTIONS ARE COPYRIGHTED BY ECX SPORTS INC. BEWARE OF COMPANIES USING OUR IMAGES AND LOGO. THEY MAY BEAT OUR PRICE BY $.01 BUT THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO BUSINESS ETHICS OR CLASS *