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Wood Patio Bar Table

wood patio bar table
    patio bar
  • 31 2nd Ave (btwn 1st and 2nd streets) - Manhattan - (212) 460-9171 - Map
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Trail Head - Fort Collins, CO
Trail Head - Fort Collins, CO
The Trailhead bar is in the Old Town region of Fort Collins. The Trailhead is a bar that is geared toward an “outdoorsy” type of people. The representational meaning of the entryway is very clear in portraying this. The wood siding on the building makes it look like an outdoors cabin. The moose sign to the left of the door make for a clear idea of animals and outside like the animal crossing signs you see driving down the highway or in mountainous areas. The tables and chairs outside show and look like they have been well used and have been outside for a good period of time. All of the furniture would be considered for outdoor patios making it seem more like a place were friends gather. The typography of the red and white sign is clear. Showing exactly what the name of this establishment is. The rich red contrasts with the green above it and the wood tones below, bringing it all together to say “that if you like being outdoors this is the place for you.” The facade of this establishment represents what it is well and invites those that share those feeling to come in
Cairo Apartment: open space overview
Cairo Apartment: open space overview
This open space originally had a couch and a table for living space plus a dinning table, with a window looking to the outside patio. All in white & wood color. To fit the needs required, the space is divided visually to accommodate 4 main functions, some furniture reshuffled & some new pieces added with some accent colors to make it more lively & to have - a dinning table ( was already there) - a bamboo bar with 3 chairs for entertaining (new) - an oriental corner to add character to the space and an extra seating area (couch & table were already there + new banquet designed & custom made) - a living room with wall entertainment unit ( new) - hallway bench ( was already there) - light units & wall art added ( new) - light drapes for privacy but keeps the light in ( new ) - in addition the window looking to the outside patio was changed into wall size doors to gain access & extra light plus make use of the patio space.

wood patio bar table
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