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Sheer Weave Roller Shades

sheer weave roller shades
    roller shades
  • (Roller Shade) A sheet of fabric or vinyl that rolls down the front of the window. My grandmother had these as I was growing up and I would let go of the roller and it would flap and spin at the top of the roll. Now they have a continuous loop chain to raise and lower the shade.
  • (Roller shade) Any shade in which fabric is wrapped around a roller and is operated by winding and unwinding.
  • (Roller Shade) UpFlat panel of fabric or vinyl attached to a dowel with a roller spring mechanism for lifting.
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sheer weave roller shades - Select Blinds
Select Blinds Sheer Weave 5000 Roller Shades 46x48
Select Blinds Sheer Weave 5000 Roller Shades 46x48
Blinds solar shades Sheer Weave 5000 Roller Shades are Eco-friendly, PVC-free and recyclable. These roller shades from Phifer are made from natural materials and provide solar heat and glare control. Additionally, these shades are Greenguard Certified and Microban Certified. They are the perfect solution when looking for affordable custom roller shades. Further customize the shade by choosing cordless or continuous cord loop and standard or reverse roll. These special features make these shades a high performance item as well as decorative. These roller shades have a limited life time warranty. Blind size of 46 x 48. Birch,Blackened Bronze,Buckeye,Burlap,Cedar,Chestnut,Cinnamon,Cranberry,Cream,Fig

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Roller Shades
Roller Shades
The sheer weave line of roller shades are the perfect solution when looking for a window treatment that will provide UV protection, minimize glare and protect your most precious furniture. All of this can be accomplished by adding a Sheer Weave 3000 or 5000 Roller Shade to your window while still maintaining that spectacular view to the mountains or your own backyard. These features give this popular product its commonly used name of solar shades. Some of the sheer weave roller shades are available with the modern looking Cassette system to conceal the roller, and motorization for an effortless way to raise the solar shades.
Roller Shades
Roller Shades
Our line of roller shades offers endless decorating opportunities for any room in your home. Our roller window shades are available in many types of fabrics and openness factors. From sheer weave to room darkening, you will find the perfect light factor for your needs. All of our roller shades feature a metal roller, making these shades extremely durable. A spring or chain mechanism is also available on most window roller shades. These beautiful roller shades are not limited for residential use; they can also be used as commercial application roller shades.

sheer weave roller shades
sheer weave roller shades
Exterior Sheerweave Solar Shade 46"x46", Porch Shades by Phifer
Create a modern and chic look with Exterior Phifer Sheerweave sun shades.Theses shades have an openness factor of 5%. These solar shades have a decorative design made expressly for those insulating and glare-blocking applications which require a more private and non-directional fabric. The material is a PVC-coated fiberglass yarn. All Sheerweave roller shades come standard with a continuous loop clutch mechanism for easy control. This system raises and lowers the sun shades smoothly and evenly for trouble-free performance. No more long, dangling cords or frustrating cord locks or cleats. A beaded chain comes standard. Reverse roll is also available. This option reverses the fabric to roll from the front of the roller instead of the back. This option is used most often to bypass obstructions which might have otherwise been obstructed by the fabric. Block harmful UV rays and cool your patio or deck with these great-looking Solar Shades made from waterproof materials. You can expect minimal maintenance and unmatched durability. On inside mount roller shades the fabric will be 7/8" to 1" narrower than the roller measurement. This allows space for the shade to operate properly and is true on all brands of roller shades. You may compensate for this by adding to your width measurement and opting for an outside mount. On all inside mounted roller shades you will have a 7/16" to 1/2" light gap on each side of the shade unless there is a window frame, trim, or drapery covering this space. Hold down brackets are not available with this shade. Color shown in picture is Charcoal V21(5% Open). ---FREE SHIPPING on most products within the United States. Don't see the right size or color? Every product we sell is CUSTOM MADE to your exact size, color, and options. Click or Call toll-free 1-800-505-1905 for information and quotes. GET FREE SAMPLES TODAY!