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Shade Clothing Company

shade clothing company
  • Clothes collectively
  • (clothes) apparel: clothing in general; "she was refined in her choice of apparel"; "he always bought his clothes at the same store"; "fastidious about his dress"
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  • Screen from direct light
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shade clothing company - FRANKIE &
FRANKIE & DAISY 3T Gotta Wear Shades Turquoise Flower Bikini Swimsuit By Corky and Company
FRANKIE & DAISY 3T Gotta Wear Shades Turquoise Flower Bikini Swimsuit By Corky and Company
Size 3T You Gotta Wear Shades Turquoise Flower Bikini by the Boutique Brand.
Frankie & Daisy.
(By Corky & Company)
This Suit has a Fun Retro Look !!
This Classic style Bikini Top Is So Cute with it's Retro Look Flower Print Lycra with Blue Ruffle trim.
Criss-Cross Straps in The Back Make For Great Comfort and Fit.
The Bottoms Are The Matching Lycra with An Attached Skirt of Girly Green Dot Ruffles accented with Ruffle at the Hem with Blue ruffles and bow on the back.
The Colors and look of this 2011 Corky swimsuit will be a hit at the Beach or Poolside!
This Bikini will be the only one she'll want to wear to the Beach Everyday!

88% (9)
Engine Company No. 7/Hook & Ladder Company No.1 Fire Engine Company
Engine Company No. 7/Hook & Ladder Company No.1 Fire Engine Company
The Engine Company No. 7/Hook & Ladder Company No.1 Firehouse, designed in the Beaux-Arts style --or what at the time was described as the "modem French" style -. by the prominent architectural firm of Trowbridge & Livingston and built in 1904-05, is a building of great architectural quality. The three-story firehouse's three-bay width was dictated by the twobay requirement of an enlarged engine company and a third bay for a separate hook & ladder company. The architects created a facade remarkable for its symmetry and empbatic horizontality. It is visually unified by superimposed architectural elements drawn from early seventeenth-century French civic architecture: the boldly rusticated Indiana limestone ground story, the brick and raised limestone bands of the upper stories, the entablature and parapet. The seventeenth-century French architects adapted these elements from the urban palace facades of the Italian Renaissance .. _ In the often heroic execution of their mandated responsibilities, Engine Company No.7 and Hook & Ladder Company No. 1, two of the city's oldest fire companies, share an honored place in the city's history. The companies, housed together since 1851, were sited in the northeast comer of City Hall Park. The new Duane Street location was chosen both for its proximity to the center of municipal government and to assure protection for the new skyscrapers going up adjacent to the park. This dynamic firehouse facade projects the strength and solidity associated with an arm of municipal government and is appropriate to the home of those dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of New York. In the seventeenth century the area that is now City Hall Park was part of the common fields north ofthe colonial settlement of New Amsterdam and then New York. By the end of the nineteenth century the park itself had become the location of numerous public buildings of varying architectural distinction housing a variety of municipal functions, from Mangin and Macomb's City Hall to the two firehouses on Chambers Street.'2 To check this congestion and regain a semblance of park, a proposal was put forward to remove the buildings at the park's north end. The final scheme of 1895 called only for the retention of City Hall and the Tweed Court House. The functions of municipal government to be removed from the park were housed in new structures built across from or nearby the park: the Surrogate's Court/Hall of Records Building (1897-1906, a designated New York City Landmark), designed by John R. Thomas for the block on the north side of Chambers, west of Centre Street; the MunicipaJ Building (1909-14, a designated New York City Landmark), designed by McKim, Mead & White to bridge Chambers Street east of Centre; and the firehouse (1904-05) at 100-104 Duane Street, designed by Trowbridge & Livingston for Engine Company No.7 and Hook & Ladder Company No.1, both fonnerly located in the northeast corner of City Hall Park. Meanwhile, tall commercial buildings and skyscrapers were going up around City Hall Park. The earliest were those on that section of Park Row known as Printing House Square, on the park's east side (where Pace University now sbnds).3 The first tall buildings west of City Hall Park were the Postal Telegraph and Home Life Insurance Company Buildings (1892-94, a designated New York Landmark), fronting on Broadway between Murray and Warren Streets. In the same year the Mutual Reserve (also called the Langdon) Building, designed by William H. Hume & Son in 1894, opened on the northwest comer of Duane Street and Broadway. It was 800n followed by several distinguished towers: the Dun Building (Harding & Gooch, 1898, now demolished) on the northeast corner of Broadway and Reade Street; Cass Gilbert's Broadway-Chambers Building (1899-1900, a designated New York City Landmark); and the Ungar/Barclay Building (Stockton B. Colt, 1902-05) on the southwest comer of Broadway and Duane Street. Certainly this new density of all commercial structures, rising next to the older five-story buildings, required the presence of a Fire Department facility. The Duane Street location for this new, up-to-date fire house was both close enough to still serve the civic center and was immediately adjacent to the new concentration of tall buildings just northwest of City Hall Park: The wide lot on the south side of Duane Street was purchased by the City on February 11, 1904. Hook & Ladder Company No. 1, one of the oldest in the Fire Department and the only company to retain the same numeral through the transition from a volunteer to a paid professional department in 1865, was in existence before the American Revolution; its members, along with the rest of the volunteer fire department, marched off to join the Continental Anny. In 1786 the returning veterans and the interim volunteers were reorganized by the city's new Mayor, James Duane. Several
{336/365} Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired...
{336/365} Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired...
Last night I finished my work with the Ballet company. People were happy with the performance and I got good reviews about the lighting design, which, of course, is good because I can get new lighting jobs as a result. I have the whole day to stay at home and do nothing...after 3 weeks working every day of the week including weekends, I think that I deserve to be very lazy today. As you know last night we started the winter time change and we went one hour back so I am happy that today I have 25 hours to rest, to watch movies and spend my lazy Sunday with Ky :)

shade clothing company
shade clothing company
Columbia Sportswear Boys 8-20 Silver Ridge Ii Convertible Pant,Tank,12
Give your young man the Columbia Boys' Silver Ridge Convertible Pant so he's prepared for changes in the weather, wading in a river, or an onslaught of mosquitoes. These Silver Ridge Convertible Pants zip off at the knee to create shorts. Made from nylon and polyester, these pants dry quickly and wick perspiration. With a UPF-30 rating, they protect his legs from sunburn, too. A drawcord at the waist ensures a comfortable fit.

Product Features
Material: Nylon Omni-Dry Minim Rip, polyester mesh trim
Inseam: 27in
Belt: Belt loops, drawcord
Pockets: 2 Front, 2 cargo thigh
Fly: Zipper
Gusseted Crotch: No
Recommended Use: Hiking, traveling, camping, fishing, casual
Warranty: 1 Year
Country of Origin: Indonesia