Outdoor Sun Shade Screen

outdoor sun shade screen
    shade screen
  • A specially fabricated screen of sheet material with small narrow louvers formed in place to intercept solar radiation striking a window; the louvers are so small that only extremely small insects can pass through. Also called sun screen. Also, an awning with fixed louvers of metal or wood.
  • A screen affixed to the exterior of a window or other glazed opening, designed to reduce the solar radiation reaching the glazing.
  • (outdoors) outside: outside a building; "in summer we play outside"
  • (of a person) Fond of the open air or open-air activities
  • outdoor(a): located, suited for, or taking place in the open air; "outdoor clothes"; "badminton and other outdoor games"; "a beautiful outdoor setting for the wedding"
  • (outdoors) where the air is unconfined; "he wanted to get outdoors a little"; "the concert was held in the open air"; "camping in the open"
  • Done, situated, or used out of doors
  • Expose (something) to the sun, esp. to warm or dry it
  • the star that is the source of light and heat for the planets in the solar system; "the sun contains 99.85% of the mass in the solar system"; "the Earth revolves around the Sun"
  • expose one's body to the sun
  • sunlight: the rays of the sun; "the shingles were weathered by the sun and wind"
  • Sit or lie in the sun
outdoor sun shade screen - Shade Net
Shade Net Shade Tarp Construction Fence Tarp Dust and Wind Tarp Canopy Shade Screen 8 x 14
Shade Net Shade Tarp Construction Fence Tarp Dust and Wind Tarp Canopy Shade Screen 8 x 14
Time to reduce the heat and the suns glare and rays where ever you are working or relaxing, with the new multipurpose trap. Whether youre looking to shade the koi pond in your back yard or need a heavy duty construction tarp to shade and minimize dust, these shade nets are the best! This multipurpose tarp is perfect for whatever youre interested in, works to cool and reduce the suns heat and rays. This multipurpose tarp works great for construction sites, baseball dugouts, RV awnings, patios, cover your canopy, greenhouses, pools, or anything you want to add some extra shade to. This tarp/shade net will also add some extra privacy to your patio turning it into a room of its own. Protect your plants with this shade tarp; cover any garden, nursery, or greenhouse. This tarp is equipped with four grommet holes at each corner and one every 12inches after that. This tarp will block up to 80% of the suns harmful rays. This tarp is made of 100% woven polyester with durable vinyl coating, with heavy duty grommets built in for superior durability. All of our tarps have double stitching around all four sides to ensure long lasting durability

76% (14)
Screened-In Gazebo, Deck, Walkway & Landscaping
Screened-In Gazebo, Deck, Walkway & Landscaping
Decks and Pavilions Rhine Landscaping provides quality design and construction services to meet all of your outdoor carpentry needs. If you need a new deck or need to upgrade your existing wooden deck with new low maintenance materials, Rhine Landscaping’s in-house carpenters are ready for the challenge. Do you avoid using the outdoors during the summer months because of the heat? A new screened porch, pavilion, or shade structure will provide a much needed respite from the sun and allow you to maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Call Rhine Landscaping today at 410-442-2445, if you are looking for new Decks and Pavilions or to upgrade your existing wooden deck with new low maintenance materials. Our designers and landscapers can turn your dreams into reality.
parasols, Chinatown.
parasols, Chinatown.
Back in the days when sunblock was not required, when UV rays were unheard of, these were ornamental adornments, for members of the monarchy. I grew up in a hot country, where umbrellas were used to keep off the sun. Being dark skinned was considered highly "unattractive". It signified being a member of the working class, a sign of hard labour, dating back to the days when farmers and their offspring toiled under the sun. I was discouraged from playing outdoor sports, lest I become too dark. I considered it a cumbersome contrivance and would eschew its use. Inevitably, my nanny would be at the ready, to screen me from the scorching sun.

outdoor sun shade screen
outdoor sun shade screen
The Sun's Heartbeat: And Other Stories from the Life of the Star That Powers Our Planet
The beating heart of the sun is the very pulse of life on earth. And from the ancients who plotted its path at Stonehenge to the modern scientists who unraveled the nuclear fusion reaction that turns mass into energy, humankind has sought to solve its mysteries. In this lively biography of the sun, Bob Berman ranges from its stellar birth to its spectacular future death with a focus on the wondrous and enthralling, and on the heartbreaking sacrifice, laughable errors, egotistical battles, and brilliant inspirations of the people who have tried to understand its power.

What, exactly, are the ghostly streaks of light astronauts see-but can't photograph-when they're in space? And why is it impossible for two people to see the exact same rainbow? Why are scientists beginning to think that the sun is safer than sunscreen? And how does the fluctuation of sunspots-and its heartbeat-affect everything from satellite communications to wheat production across the globe?

Peppered with mind-blowing facts and memorable anecdotes about spectral curiosities-the recently-discovered "second sun" that lurks beneath the solar surface, the eerie majesty of a total solar eclipse-THE SUN'S HEARTBEAT offers a robust and entertaining narrative of how the Sun has shaped humanity and our understanding of the universe around us.